Best Power Conditioners for Home Studio

If you have got a music studio or are willing to get one to start a music band or production company then you must have thought of a power conditioner for it. It can be a great investment to keep the home studio safe from the electricity provider. The equipment of your studio should be kept safe only by installing a power conditioner but the right one to choose from the lot available is not an easy task. We will discuss the features and the facilities provided by the power conditioners and then will probe into finding the best ones.

What is the ability of a Power Conditioner

If you want to keep the electrical equipment safe and sound, a power conditioner is a prior necessity. The foremost thing it does is keeping the surge protection stable. Surge protection or voltage maintenance happens when an overload current takes place. The conditioner shuts off and thus prevents your equipment from getting damaged or tripped. The outlet or breaker is tripped due to which it stops. Thus the amount of power reaching your equipment is also regulated and no damage is done to the gear or the audio signal. This is how the safety of your studio is ensured by the power conditioner. Usually, the power conditioner comes with AC power outlets that allow you to plug in the equipment directly. This is another way to increase the longevity of the equipments altogether as successive power trips make those unstable and hamper their working ability.


How to use AC power

We usually use two different kinds of power resource, precisely AC and DC. If we do not go too deep into the science, then to simply put, any product that uses a 2 or 3 prong plug is Ac and that means phone charger, laptop charger, lamps are included in this list. When you need all your gadgets to be power efficient, you must put them into AC outlets.  If you are using multiple plugs with power surge trips then you must condense the plug into the power conditioner.

De-cluttering of electrical cable

Power conditioner can also help you with the reducing of cord clutter as it works as a power strip. When you have several electrical cords tangled around each other, this can be the most annoying situation.  Also, it is quite dangerous. Any error or damage can lead to a great disaster as you cannot tell which plug goes to which gadget. Using a power conditioner saves you from the situation as your audio equipment will be sorted at your home studio. To enjoy a hassle-free experience at your home studio, use power conditioner and enjoy the peace of mind.

Best power conditioners:

  • Furman P-1800 AR

If you wish to buy something for a less price which will be a good and necessary item, then this Furman M-8X2 power conditioner will work great. This is the best option for beginner producers who are searching for ways to keep the equipment safe. Power clarity does make a difference to sound clarity so involving a power conditioner to regulate the power flow is important. Also, you can relate to brand choices, and Furman is one of the most well-known brands. Now you will not get all the fancy features, but this power conditioner gets you 9 outlets and a good quality surge protection.

  • The features that make this power conditioner smart are;
  • There is a Power OK light indicator which monitors the power surge.
  • There are 9 AC power outlets.
  • The popping, crackling and other unwanted sound and noises are filtered.
  • The display is quite user-friendly, and thus easy to use.

This power conditioner by Furman is on the cheaper side as it is a power conditioner which comes under $100. But it does not compromise with the quality of equipment. When you are a beginner musician you do not want to invest too much. This is simply great an item to protect your electrical equipment. The review for this gadget is pretty good. The users say that it offers great benefit for such a low cost. Despite the price, not many features are skimped out. Only a few criticisms have been heard about the lack of numerical voltage display. Another user has complained that it does not come with any kind of warranty which is bad thing for any electrical gadget. Sans that a power conditioner with this much features is an awesome product by any means.

  • PYLE PCO850

This one comes with the built-in AC noise filters and that prevents any disturbing sound from coming out through the headphones and amplifier. The price range is deft under $50 so you know you will be the gainer to get a power conditioner at this range. It has 9 AC power outlets and it provides plenty of room to plug all the audio equipment.  This Pyle PCO850 power supply conditioner has some of the top features and specs which you can check now.

  • This one comes with a built-in noise filter.
  • LED protection light to check the surge monitoring helps you to prevent it beforehand.
  • Those 9 AC power outlets make you happy.
  • A 6-foot long power cable comes with this power conditioner.

For the users, the compact size of the unit and the extreme low price makes it a perfect match for the necessities of power conditioning. Again with this unit, like the previous one, you will not get the numerical voltage meter. Also, the extreme noise reduction cannot be availed either.  But the expectation for those features is not justified when the price is just a fraction of the amount which you could have paid for a more defined and featured power conditioner.

This unit has an easy to use interface which is much simpler than the more expensive models. This makes the gadget desirable. This one is another great beginner musician’s likeable gadget. When you are looking for options to filter out the unwanted static noise from AC power source this one comes handy. Too many electrical equipments plugged in one outlet causes buzzing or humming sound which is fairly audible. This built-in AC noise filter helps to reduce those noises dramatically.

  • Furman PL Plus-C

This power conditioner in some matters does not tally with the other conditioners mentioned in this list. In fact, it grades downward in term of parameters. The P 1800 comes with the same quality and from the same brand Furman. However, this one is a professional level power conditioner with flawless features. But a few features are absent in this one. To the users, this PL-PLUS C is perfect for the protection of equipment at a high level of efficiency but comes in a lower budget.  The top features of this power conditioner are mentioned below.

  • This one has a LED voltage meter.
  • This one gives you top of the line surge and spiking protection.
  • There are 9 AC outlets to plug in your equipment.
  • There is zero noise output for electrical management so you can peacefully keep producing music.

This power conditioner is great for both the pro music makers and beginners. This one gets you a great combination of high-quality electrical outputs and great power conditioning which is the best return of your hard-earned bucks. This one comes with almost zero negative reviews on thus you can trust the users with their experience for a satisfying experience. Probably the only downside to this gadget is that the voltage meter is dot-stripped and it does not offer numerical value.

For some users, it may seem like a problem, but most of the consumers are happy with the output and the quality of the PL-PLUS C power conditioner. This is just the right balance between price and quality and it is the best option regarding that in this list. If not for the numerical value at the voltage meter, it had captured the top position at this list.

  • Furman M-8Dx Merit

This one is a solid option for a music producer who is working on a shoe-string budget. This is a reliable brand and thus you can have a quality product if you want to get this. This is significantly cheaper than the PL-PLUS C from Furman, but it can manage to have a numerical voltage display on it. The top features of this power conditioner are given below.

  • The 9 AC outlets are major distinct features. There are 8 on the rear and 1 on the front side of this unit.
  • The numerical voltage meter display helps you to gauge the voltage.
  • The top of the like spike and surge protection helps you to check the surge.
  • The noise reduction system of AC electrical is great as it does not let the noise reach you while you are busy with music production.

This is the perfect gadget for any music producer and it offers great quality at this price too. Users offer valuable comments after using this power conditioner, and they say that peace of mind is achieved through this investment. Though a few customers feel that the voltage display is not bright and thus the usage of incandescent lights and not LED would be preferable.  But incandescent light produces heat after long uses which may harm the unit. This power conditioner has great build quality which is satisfying for most of the users and thus it is a steal for this price.

  • Furman M-DX2 Merit

When you expect something good for a smaller price then Furman M-8X2 power conditioner is your option. It is also good for beginners who are learning music productions as they can keep their gadgets safe. It is a great idea for beginners as this is coming from a brand that everyone swears by. This is a well-known brand and music producers all over the world keep their equipment safe by using their product. Not all the fancy features are achieved from this power conditioner; it has the 9 outlets and high-quality surge protection in place. The features that are offered by this conditioner are:

  • Power ok light indication is there so you can check the power surges.
  • There are 9 AC power outlets.
  • Any kind of disturbing sounds like popping and crackling are checked and omitted.
  • The display is quite user-friendly and thus is easy to use.

This one by Furman is a great product at a cheaper cost. A new power conditioner that comes under $100 is definitely a great buy. It is a quality piece of equipment and it can help the beginner musicians who are just trying to protect their gadgets from power drop and surge. As per the users, the power conditioner is definitely able to handle the work efficiently and it is a friend for producers working at a low cost. Furman did not offer the numerical voltage display with this device, but at this price, the users should not complain about it.

Necessity of conditioners

Power conditioners are being used for quite some time now, but those have remained the unsung heroes of the music industry. For audio engineers safety of the equipment is a must, and power conditioner has taken the responsibility of it.  The cables must be protected from surge production and voltage regulation.

These are not a very interesting piece of gadgets in the studio but they are most certainly the fittest gadgets which look after the safety of other gadgets. When you bunch up the cords and reduce the clutter the studio starts looking aesthetically good. The power conditioners can be mounted to a rack or wall also. Be a professional or a beginner always you need to invest in a good power conditioner. This way you can monitor your voltage fluctuation and know that you are safe with your equipment. The surge or trip will not bother your costly gadgets and fry them. Check the top power conditioners mentioned in our given list and decide which one you should try for your music studio.


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