DigiDrum Pro (Drums, Percussion) Download and Install

DigiDrum Pro is a digital music production Application for and VST. This is a five-part drum and percussion with the VST plugin. This DigiDrum pro supports all the music genres for digital music production.

Developed by Audiosonic DigiDrum Pro is a free plug-in, app, and Soundware. DigiDrum pro is a five-part drum percussion with VST ( Virtual Studio Technology ) Plugin. 

DigiDrum has lots of cool features. It provides a perfect user interface and has music and sound editing components. 

The sound from DigiDrum pro comes as self-made with loads of wave that you can recreate it in different classic percussion instruments. You can use these waves as you want, you can control velocity and expression parameters of sound comes from DigiDrum.

DigiDrum Pro

Features of DigiDrum Pro

  • It has 5 separate DigiDrum parts with 5 user definable audio outputs 
  • DigiDrum pro provides 27 classical drum and percussion waves.
  • Users can import the wave files
  • Easy to use. The digital sound parts can be layered easily to create more complex sounds.
  • Intuitive preset programming
  • It has a versatile filter setup which is capable to perform different timbres
  • Amp velocity modulation
  • Users can pitch sound and filter to humanize 
  • Automated VST for editing and controlling sound.

Downloading and Installation of DigiDrum Pro

You can install and use Digidrum Pro VST plugins on Windows, Mac, and FL Studio. 

Install DigiDrum Pro on Windows:

  • First of all download the zip file for DigiDrum pro VST plugin from any trusted source.
  • Now unzip the file and extract it
  • Find the .dll file from the VST Plugin folder
  • Now rescan your plugin directory in your music software
  • Now you will have the Digidrum pro VST plugin ready to use.

Follow the above steps to download and install DigiDrum VST plugin on your MAC pc.

Download DigiDrum pro VST plugin on FL Studio:

You can use Digidrum pro on both FL Studio 10 and on FL Studio 9. follow the below steps to download and install Digidrum pro on all versions of FL Studio.

  • First of all download the zip file for DigiDrum Pro on your computer
  • Open the zip file and find the .dll file from your VST Plugin folder.
  • Now open the FL Studio and open the click channels, you will find on up top. 
  • Now click on the refresh button and the scan will begin for the VST plugin folder
  • Now look for the new DigiDrum plugin you have added and enjoy using it.

Reviews for DigiDrum Pro

  • Digidrum is a powerful VST drum machine. Despite having only five parts, it gathers attention perfectly. We can a lot of tweaking from each drum. 
  • Each part of VST in Digidrum has its own assignable output, gain, pan, tuning. It has the support that we can load our samples.
  • Each part has independence filters, cutoff, and resonance. The independence filters are low pass, bandpass, band rejects, and high pass.
  • Overall this is very useful and friends provide amazing sounds and work very flexibly.


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