Fix FL Studio Automation Clip Not Working

FL Studio is a digital audio workstation. This is computer software for music professionals. Developed by Image-line a Belgian company FL Studio allows music artists to create music by using various sound effects, virtual instruments, synthesizers, and recorded samples.

Users can achieve automation on FL Studio with different techniques one of them is an Automation Clip. Automation Clip is capable of controlling the behavior of parameters automatically. 

Automation clips are software codes in FL Studio linked with different buttons, sliders, knobs, etc.  You can create an automation clip for a particular task on FL Studio.

Fix FL Studio Automation Clip Not Working

Fix Automation Clip is not working on FL Studio

Sometimes users find it difficult to run automation clips smoothly on FL Studio. These errors occur for some normal reasons and could be solved by following simple steps. 

Here are going to discuss some common solutions you can apply :

1. Using the updated version of FL Studio

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the FL Studio. You can download the latest version for the studio from any trusted source.

2. Creating Automation Clip

Don’t just add An AC from the Channels menu but create an automatic clip. For that just right-click on the knob and choose the “create automation clip” option. If you are using a third-party plugin then just move the knob to automate.

3. Turning the knob

If you try to create an automation clip by turning a knob, it will not be working and you don’t get the knob modulated.

You just needn’t turn the knob while creating an automation clip. Turing knob will work only if you are recording. Simply right-click on whatever you want to automate.

4. Managing The Automation Clips

Most of the users facing problems in Creating and managing the automation clip with the FL Studio. 

You should follow trusted and accurate guidelines for creating and managing the automation clips. 

After creating the automation clip you will see three options in the form of three orbs. They are Start Level, Tension, and End level. These are very important operation to get. You can learn how to create, move, and delete the points.

So these are a few things you should consider while creating automation clips on FL Studio.


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