Denise Noize – Noise Generator Plug-in Review

Noise generator plays an important role in sound production. Noise generator generates electrical noise and helps to measure parameters ( noise figure, frequency etc) of a signal. Noise generator plug-ins are necessary during sound design and synthesis. Plug-in is an additional component that can be added to a program in order to enhance its functionality. Noise generator plug-ins help to manage the frequency during the noise mixing process.

In order to get the best outcome, people wish to use noise generator plug-ins during sound production. Based on Jamie Boyle’s ( Winner of 2018 Denise plug-in contest) idea, a noise generator plug-in called ‘’Noize’’ was developed by the Denise team. Purpose of this plug-in is to add adaptive and musical noise during sound production.

Denise Noize

Noize plug-in supports Windows Operating system ( 64-bit Windows 7 and above versions)  with VST, VST3, AAX formats and  OSX operating system ( 64-bit OSX 10.7 and above versions) with VST, VST3, AU, AAX formats.

Noize plug-in has several interesting features. Let’s look into them

Features of  Denise Noize plug-in

  • Denise Noize plug-in uses very less CPU and hence users need not worry about slow down of the operating system.
  • Denise Noize plug-in comes with an adaptive noise algorithm and logarithmic envelope detector for an analog sound.
  • An important feature of this plug-in is,  it provides a switch by which noise can be generated and adapted to the volume of the track in real-time.
  • This plug-in allows users to mute the original audio. By muting original audio, users can isolate the noise and add additional effects.
  • Denise Noize plug-in enables to tweak the rise time and fall time of the noise signal. This helps to optimize the behaviour of the noise signal.
  • There are five types of noise: White, Brown, Violet, Pink, Blue. Denise Noize plug-in allows users to select among these five noise types and apply additional filtering.

Denise Noize plug-in Review

Sound producers may wish to use more natural sound for their track. But sample library or virtual instruments provide very clean sounds ( lack of naturality )  due to pre-processing.   Denise Noize will help to solve this issue!!. Denise Noize plug-in allows adding adaptive noise to these sounds. So that sounds become more natural and we can easily place it in our mix.

Denise Noize plug-in allows isolating the noise signal! This feature is very much helpful to shape the adaptive noise signal according to our taste! We can apply additional effects to the noise signal by muting the original audio.

While mixing a beat or percussive element, we can use Denise Noize plug-in to add adaptive noise. It helps to add lacking qualities like presence, power and lengthen the element’s tail.

While creating a big build-up in a track, very difficult to make it sounds more powerful, engaging and natural.  Two amazing features of Denise Noize plug-in helps to make this task easy !! Tweaking rise time and fall time, HPF and LPF features of Denise Noize plug-in help to push big build-up to the next level by creating an additional layer of adaptive noise. ‘’Enable to tweak rise time and fall time of the noise signal‘’ feature also helps to add rhythmic attack to bass lines.

Using Denise Noize provides so many ways to excel your creativity. For example, you can add air to synths and vocals, build up rhythms, create scary soundscapes and so on… And this plug-in also provides essential features for drum sample design! Produces exciting textures while placing the bite first in the chain.

With simple and easy to use interface, excellent sound quality and features Denise Noize is the best option to choose as a noise generator plug-in!!


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