Parawave Audio Rapid Synthesizer Review

Parawave audio rapid synthesizer is a multilayer synthesizer that provides dynamic, modern, and flaming base sound. 

Rapid has 8 layered morphable wave and multi-sampled instrument sounds sound system that could work as a track-wide workstation. It has a strong combination of complicated modulation and sequencing tools.

Parawave Audio Rapid Synthesizer

Parawave Audio Rapid Synthesizer Review

The 8 layers of this Rapid synthesizer are combined to be a self studio in each layer.

It has the following dynamic features –

  • One multi-mode filters 
  • 20 models to select from
  • A polyphonic insert effect to process each note individually
  • Seven insert effects to process audio stream of layers.
  • 4 envelopes and LFOs,
  • 4 graphics sequencer 
  • Modulation matrix of 32-slot.
  • Squiggly modulation
  • A pattern player.

All these features make the Parawave Audio Rapid Synthesizer work with full potential.


This Rapid comes with a handsome amount of wavetables, which are arranged so artistically that could move smoothly between 2D and 3D graphics demonstraters. Each wavetable provides the shape of a waveform in real-time.

All the Oscillators come in 3 numbers with all the same options. Every Oscillator can be multiplied and can spread across the panorama. You can control the phase randomly in a specified degree. 


Using these wavetables is a knowledgeable task. One who has knowledge of playing synthesis and showcasing the diversity of sounds in the concerts. 

These wavetables are not just any collection of waves you can manipulate but they move as the logical programming from one wave to another. They could be moved either by stretching and mixing of geometry waveform and special tonal goals according to the concert. It could be like creating sound from scratches. 

Wavetables have the index range from zero to 10 thousand that you could never lose the smoothness.

LFO and Modulation

You can blend two waves in any amount you want as the LFOs have a good quality of diversity of wave shapes. 

This Parawave Rapid synthesizer you could have many options for allowing different sound combinations. Even the beginners could easily learn to use the waves with the use of slots filters and effects. 

The LFOs allow you to modulate different parameters. It allows you to modulate any effect, oscillator, or envelope parameters and, you can modulate by patching by Mod matrix, by Route and any option you will see.


  • Versatile Oscillator
  • Frame wavetable of 10000 
  • Multi talk mode
  • Multiband saturator
  • Dual LFO 
  • You can import your own tracks 
  • Send effects – You can expand 7 available FX slots till 49 send FX. 
  • Master Compressors

Cons : 

  • No Latch on Arpeggiator
  • Wavetable editor is not available
  • No mute or solo buttons 
  • Fewer macros compared to an enormous synth.
  • You can not be assigned modulation between layers. 


Users called it master of all music trades. Cons are nothing for enormous and dynamic pros. This is a synthesizer with workstation bent to design the sound by mixing and sequencing.

Rapid Synthesizer is also good for beginners to enhance their creativity. This is a quick and high-quality synthesizer


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