How to Download and Install GTune VST Plugin

The musicians are working for a virtual platform during this pandemic situation. Mostly the editing and tuning are done through applications. To allow them to do their job with more perfection, the G-tune plugin is there. This is not a new plugin and has been there for the last 6 years. It has quite a few updates so far, and the latest version of this application is available in 2.50.

The fame that it has achieved within this period is due to its versatile functionality and easy to use the method. This is a chromatic instrument tuner and does the job like any hardware piece which are used to tune a music piece.

G-tune VST Plugin

Features GTune VST Plugin:

The G-tune plugin works to detect the pitch of the note of any musical instrument and it offers the closest western scale note according to that. Now you will be able to change the pitch of the musical instrument. The indicator and numerical readout will help you to find the order that you will bring your instrument into, and tune the piece.

While you will follow the display, it will show an electronic tuner. Also, the nearest note will be displayed in LED format with accurate sharpness or flatness. The detected frequency is provided in Hertz as it is shown in the western musical scale. The latter part of the writing shows a note name.

G-tune is a famous plugin to be used in PC and it is equally used by the professionals as well as the hobbyist musicians. The ones who have just started to learn some musical instruments and the ones who run a small business on the music industry can avail help from this plug-in. so you can call this plugin an indispensable tool to provide good quality music.

The best part of this software is, it is free during the trial period. Part of audio and other subcategory is also available free of cost. There are features like strobe tuner, Pitch-to-Midi, and geographical pitch display which are some of the extraordinary facilities. There are a few nice skins to download but the regular look is also smart. This simplicity and perfection of this software make the life of a musician easy.

This plugin is of 586 bytes and it is completely safe. You do not have to worry about the safety of your PC while downloading it from any trusted site as it does not contain any malware.

How to download G-tune VST Plugin:

  • Check the browser of your PC to get the file of G-tune Plugin. When you will find one trusted site, visit it to get the link of downloading the file.
  • The GVST plugin will be downloaded in zip format. So after downloading it, go to the download folder and extract the file from zip format.
  • Now copy the plugin files and paste them to the proper folder for the host program.
  • Now re-scan the plugin folder so the G-tune plugin appears on the screen.

If you do not find the plugin in your host program then restart the PC and you will find it at an adequate place.


Noise can be minimized while using this plugin if you do not use the Gate effect, also check different pickups to check which one offers the least noise. If you pick the “hot” signal then your note’s pitch will be tracked more easily.


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