HTP Darbukator Lite

Musicians are having a fun time since when the new Darbukator Lite has come into the market. It is a freestyle player application that allows you to play the free ethnic style music and created pieces on your own. The HTP series features are all available in it which we will discuss below.


HTP Darbukator Lite Features:

  • The Human Touch Technology has launched the Darbukator Lite for Windows and Mac users. This series is ideal for the ethnic and Middle East percussion groups.
  • The Darbukator Lite allows you to play the Darbukator engine in freestyle players. Not only that you can use four different styles from the single instrument with its aid.
  • This app can help you to make an easy percussion group and you can use it on your Windows PC with VST. The different combinations of musical instruments and styles it offers are Doholla- Jerk, Doff-Rumba, Daburka- Nubian, and Riq(tambourine)- wedding.
  • You will get all the features of retail modules through stereo output. Try to play different tracks with this percussion plugin and see the real output.
  • This is free software from HTT and thus no registration or activation is required to use this plugin. Even for commercial use, you do not need to pay. This is an official and secure plugin. You can download it from quite a few sources available on the internet.

Downloading and installing it is easy and you can use it on any device run by Windows. This is a lightweight plugin and will not take much space on your hard disk. The program available now is the trial version as it was released on 9th September only. This is a mixer program and it is available in English, so people around the world will find it easy to understand and use. With this plugin, you will get the tutorial for building a percussion track with fruity loops.


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