Harmony Box (Synth) – Audio Plugins for Free

A great plugin for a synthesizer with the application of the modal jazz process, which is what Harmony Box can provide the modern musicians. By pressing each key, you will get the right cord and mode. The oscillator works to get the self-oscillating filter with envelopes of fatness. Mike Massberg and Dave Gamble created this music hack plugin.


Harmony Box (Synth) & Features:

  • The Harmony Box works smoothly with Mixcraft and other recording applications. But it has some limitations to work with IMO. It works with only one voice. Another VSTi is needed to get some other sound as it only offers the only piano kind of sound.
  • You can sketch your ideas and make a draft of the music piece that will be later worked on to perfection. The plugin lacks flexibility but can be used for the basic level of music creation.
  • This music plugin can be used on Windows PC and Mac. It is a user-friendly plugin and it is quite safe. The users have not yet complained about the malware present in this plugin. The output of the Harmony Box is much real and it feels soothing on the ears.
  • This one can be commercially used by the professionals. However, for beginners, the ability to create notes which sound superb using this plugin will not be much easy. Also, other plugins or mechanisms will be required to bring on the best result.
  • This is a free plugin and it does not need any kind of activation fees. You can use it whenever you choose. The modal jazz built of this plugin allows you to add some rustic flavor to the music. The beats and nodes are perfect and you will be able to experiment with this software to know more about its features.


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