Avantone MP1 MixPhones Review

Avantone has been there in the music field for quite some time now, and they are a popular brand. They have first time came up with their headphone, and this one has some unusual as well as some unusual features.

Headphones designed for studio use or pro use usually have the smile curve regarding their frequency response. That is the goings-on above 5 kHz and below 100 kHz is a praiseworthy high end and solid bass. This kind of headphone usually produces a sweet sound for ears. These phones also show up noise issues, edits and so on. But then there is a flip side to this smile curve. Recess in the mid-range does not match up to the sound quality if you are attempting to mix over the headphone.

Avantone MP1

As the mid-range balance is very important for any mix, sound engineers find this the easiest way to get this done on small speakers as those speakers capture the small area of the frequency spectrum. Till date, that kind of headphone with the equivalent potential of the speaker was rather absent in the market. Now Avantone has produced a set of phones that have used that technique of capturing spectrum and thus will definitely be a favourite choice for mixing.

The sound quality of this phone’s strong point and its aspects and features make this a great pro audio choice.

Details of Avantone MP1 Mix Phone

  • The earphone comes in circumaural over-ear design which is closed back
  • The frequency response is 18Hz to 25kHz
  • The driver is of large format 50mm
  • Rated power is 15 mW and maximum power is 30 mW
  • Impedance is 160hm +/-2.4(15%)
  • The weight of this product while shipping is 3lbs
  • The SPL is 113dB IEC-318 @1mW,1kHz

The package contains

  • 1 straight 3m cable- 1/8” TRS with threaded ¼” adapter
  • 1 spring collapsible1m cable- 1/8” TRS with threaded ¼” adapter
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Padded box

The overview

This is the first-ever headphone with multi-purpose use and it can be used for pro audio, as claimed by the manufacturer. So you can use it for critical listening, recording, mixing or general listening purpose. The feature “Triple play personal monitor with Vari-Voice” lets it become such a versatile gadget. It is apparently suitable for live sound monitoring, studio recording, DJ, mixing and whatever other audio-listening uses are there can be managed through this headphone.

The design is created in such a way that one size fits all. Usually, there are three main types of headphone based on usage. There are closed-back headphones, then there are open-back headphones and then finally the most innovative semi open-back headphones. Closed-back ones are used for listening, open back for mixing and semi-open backs for any purpose you feel it fit to.

But if your budget does not permit you to buy two set of headphones when you want high quality for various reasons, invest in one closed-back headphone. It will save you for many reasons. Closed-back headphones are best for recording. They do not have the sound stage that occurs in open-back headphones extra spaces. Avantone is attempting to address in their Pro MP1. This is a closed-back one and when you use it for recording the sound keeps going into your head and not only into the microphone.

You can fix the problem later by when you will mix and master the recording. A very useful gadget we may say for the DJs who are working within a budget. There is less gear which acts a pretty useful feature. The simplicity is everything is this headphone. If a budget headphone can achieve the success of three headphones, definitely you should get it.

Design and features

  • The makers of this headphone declared that the design of it allows the user to select between the normal neutral voiced stereo field which is usually full range flat response, mono, and the specially contoured mode for nixing. In the mix mode, the audio signal focuses mostly on the mid-range frequencies thus the sound of their other products like Mixcutes are simulated. The real purpose behind this technique is to emphasize the clarity in the mixing frequencies which is only found in the midrange.
  • Another unique selling point of MP1 is it is actually designed for both the music pro and the end-users of the music industry. The good thing is that it is a product that is not only mass-produced by pro gear manufacturer but also crafted as per the pro audio person’s requirement. The unique design of this headphone is eye-pleasing and thus is perfect for those who like to work outside the studio area.


There are a number of things you should bother about while buying a pair of headphone, firstly you will consider the kind of sound it makes and then secondly, how well designed the product is for a comfortable fitting.


  • There is midrange madness in this headphone. The frequency response is something you must avail in this headphone. The midrange of a mix is crucial trouble spots for the producers when they are doing the tweaking. There are fewer choices when the studio headphone is able to tweak these trouble spot areas. Avantone MP1 has the frequency response of 18Hz to 25kHz. Along with that, it has a unique mix mode which is designed with the midrange in mind.
  • Avantone has proclaimed that it has come up with something called Vari-Voice in their MP1 headphone. This claim is apt for this headphone has a small recessed toggle switch on the headphone itself. This one, when switched on, allows the mode change for the users. in the centre there is ‘S’ and it helps the MP1 to deliver the full range stereo signal.  The ‘M’ position produces mono down fold signal. The ‘C’ position is used as a filter. This emulates the characteristics of a heavy frequency mid-range response of small speakers like laptop speakers or Mixcube by Avantone.
  • Though they have produced well-regarded microphones, Avantone is famous for the Mixcube. It offers a cleaner and more hi-fi listening experience. They inherit the speaker’s midrange emphasis and transient response along with the absence of port resonance and crossover artefacts.
  • This MP1 headphone has brought Mixcube sound to the crowded market. This one is quite solidly made and bit far heavier than most of the headphones available.         The earcups rotate a short way on the horizontal axis and hardly at fore or aft. In cables, you have a choice of short and curly as well as long and straight wires. The cable can be attached to the base of the left earcup and a locking nut attaches it to the mini-jack.
  • The impedance is quoted as 16 Ω, so it can be called loud and little sensitive to the unexpected changes of the different headphone amps. Low bass is not much in evidence, but the overall tonality is pretty well balanced. The broad range focuses the faintest hint of bloat in the upper bass. The upper mid-range does not let you hear the treble and at the bottom end, the difference is almost unnoticeable when the source is bass-heavy.
  • The amp of this headphone can keep up but the bottom is in comparison to the amp is much fuller. It sometimes felt to be over prominent. If you flip the ‘C’ position then it becomes more obvious. Then you will feel as if you are switching to a secondary small monitor. When you compare the HPH-MT7s you will understand that they offer somehow a slightly different flavour where the focus of the mid-range is much smoother. When the audio is having a lesser peak than the 3kHz area and 600Hz region is getting more prominent.  The third switch position should also be kept in mind. There are too many project studio interface and monitor controller that do not have a mono button or headphone output, so in that perspective MP1 is an outstanding innovation.

The three mode of listening is something really attractive of this headphone. As a producer anyone will agree that it is really important to get honest sound coming out from the headphone. When you have to shift and shuffle among headphone, monitor and laptop speakers and you find out that there are things that the headphone has not pointed out even when the production is done. Now you have to export the music from the DAW and listen to the tracks in the car or in some other speaker and you will be surprised how the sound has changed, and it usually happens in the mid-range area. As this headphone has three different modes it gives you the chance of consideration for studio headphones. Your listening options get wider and probability of unpleasant surprises lessens.


  • This one comes with a sturdy body of metal parts
  • As this one has a flat response there will be clarity in listening
  • 3 listening modes which are a great option
  • This one has large comfortable ear cups
  • The design is beautiful and eye-catching


  • It is a bit large in size so for someone with a smaller head may find it difficult to wear it
  • Design may not be liked by everyone
  • It cannot be collapsed, so not a portable thing

This is called MixPhone but you can definitely use this for other purposes as well. This one will provide you with lots of isolation from external sounds.  Also this one is highly sensitive, so you can never have trouble to give the drummer enough vocals in cue. The brand Avantone should get some respect for coming up with this kind of studio headphone.


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