7 Ways to Get the DJ Gigs You Want

You got your tracks and skilled but still anxious with the technical and musical aspects of DJing. DJs does a lot of work just to get his name out there so that to get the gigs. Over here I am not just talking about the posting an event invite or your latest mix on social media. But there should be face-to-face interaction. So you should find your gig slump as well as booking more shows. You guys are aware that there are tons of talented DJs out there so how to get the gigs you want. That’s why I have come with the 7 tips so that it can help to get the gigs you want to play.


Ways to Get the DJ Gigs You Want

Here’s a list of ideas you can use to get the gigs you want to play.

At Shows Connect with Other DJs

Try to chat up with other DJs and engage with them as it will help pretty much. Most of the times try to focus more on you guys hanging out rather than trying to squeeze a gig out of the interaction. By doing so, you will come across a lot of people, you won’t be annoying anymore like who is left behind on the decks. There is nothing wrong to be a forward about it but don’t rush if you’re connecting for the first time.

Make Your Own Track

These days DJs need to be prolific producers gone those days where DJ used to play the same old songs. So always keep in your mind that a hit track will surely attract more attention. It’s not like that you’re playing in some small bar or clubs and you have got experience for 10 years. You must be creative while making tracks, for example, Martin Garrix and Avicii have the best careers with one breakout hit. So if you have really the best track then, surely you can book for big club events and festivals.

Try To Make a List

All over the world, there will be tons of events that will go on. So before getting in, you must know what you want. First, you have to make a list of all the clubs and festivals that you want to play for. It is always better to start with cubs and festivals near your hometown or in the country that you live in. But if you want to play in the top-notch clubs and festivals start making a list so that you can play at the international level.

Every Time Get in Touch

These days to be in touch with people is pretty easy, just you have to contact the talent bookers at the clubs or events that you want to play at. So here, you have to find the person that does the booking the event. By searching online, you can get the information about it, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages and the club’s/festival’s. Once you get the right information then, you can send him/her a nice mail as well as send your rack links, a PDF bio with a photo and a link to your website. Even you can make a list of dates you’d be available to play if you have a plan for a tour.

Keep Your Friends In High Places

If you have a DJ friend in a different city or a country then, you can do a DJ exchange with them. In the DJ industry, everyone helps each other so that one can reach success. So your friend also wants to play a gig in your country or vice versa. Ask your friend whether they have residency or not so that you can play a set for your night. Otherwise, your friend can introduce with the top promoters in the city too. Your friends may open doors for you by which you can meet with the well-known DJs and send your tracks as well. You can go to see them playing live and try to meet them in the backstage. If they will like your music they might ask, you to play alongside them in a show

No Matter What You Have To Be Persistent

Try to keep in touch with the talent bookers, you need to have a patient and wait for the right time. You don’t know when you are going to meet with a gig at the spot you’d like to play at. Stay in touch and send them your new tracks, mixes, and photos. But never send too many emails to them, you can send them regular updates so that they will know that you’re interested to play with them.

Get Agent

You need to get an agent to book for gigs! An agent will look for the gigs and negotiate DJ rate also ensure that you get the paid and booking flights and hotels. So this is the 7 Ways to Get the DJ Gigs You Want.


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