How to Resample in FL Studio

FL Studio is a digital audio work station released in 1997 by Image-Line, a Belgian based company. Earlier it was known as ‘FruityLoops’. FL Studio program is available for Windows and Mac OS and FL studio mobile app has been developed for iPhone and Android mobile phones. FL Studio features a graphical user interface based on a music sequencer ( pattern-based music sequencer). In other audio work station programs, FL studio can be used as a VST  instrument. FL Studio can record around 125  audio tracks simultaneously. And it supports beat slicing, chopping, pitch shifting of recorded audio.

Another interesting feature is it has a digital piano roll. FL studio file must be saved with .flp extension. Import and export of audio files are possible in MP3, ZIP, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MIDI format. FL studio users may wish to change the sample rate of a digital audio file. This can be done using re-sampling process. Re-sampling is a process of recalculating samples in an audio file at another rate than the originally recorded sample rate of that file. Let’s see how to resample an audio file in FL studio.

Resampling in FL studio

Re-sampling in FL studio

Re-sampling in FL studio can be done using a Fruity Granulizer. Granulizer is FL Studio plug-in. Plug-in is nothing but a third party software which enhances the FL studio functionality. This plug-in has four sections called grain section, effects section, transients section, time section. Re-sampling can be done by utilising only the grains section. Grain section features are :

  • ATTACK: Sets the attack and decay length of each grain
  • HOLD – Before moving onto the next grain, the length of each grain has been held.
  • GRAIN SPACING: In playback, user can choose for greater spacing between grains ( slower playback) or smaller spacing ( faster playback).
  • WAVE SPACING: WAVE SPACING  controls the number of grains generated from the wave sample. This value ranges from -300% to 300

Now, follow the below procedure to resample audio file.

  • In FI studio, select a sound and drag it into Fruity Granulizer.
  • Now, loop the sound starting by 0 and adjust the ATTACK and HOLD.
  • By pressing a different key on the keyboard , you will get different characteristics for each tone. When you find some tone you wish to resample, put it in a midi note.
  • Once you put it in a midi note, adjust the tempo and speed of the movement.
  • Then go ahead and put it in the mixer , and load up Edison and now you can record the sound.
  • Once you have trimmed this sound, drag it into your playlist.
  • Now, you can stretch it and adjust the pitch to make useful for a track or fit with other re-sampled sounds.

This is how re-sampling can be done with Fruity Granulizer in FL studio.


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