Best Audacity Plug-ins for Vocals

Audacity is an open-source application software for recording and editing audio. This application software is available for Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems.  Audacity has many tools for recording and editing audio. Audacity allows recording live audio and conversion of recording into digital recording or CDs. Users can edit MP3, WAV, AIFF sound files in audacity. Audacity provides tools to change the speed and pitch of recorded audio. Still, it has some limitations, which makes audacity users search for suitable plug-ins.  Plug-in is nothing but a third party software which has to be downloaded and added to audacity library in-order to enhance audacity functionality. There are many plug-ins available which support audacity software. Among these, few are free to download.

Best Audacity Plug-ins for Vocals

Best Audacity Plug-ins for Vocals

Let’s see the best audacity plug-ins.

1. VST plug-in:

VST ( Virtual Studio Technology ) is an audio plug-in software interface which is one of the best suitable plug-ins for audacity.  VST plug-in includes virtual instruments, sound effecting modules, noise reducers, sound compressors and many more editing options. Hence, this plug-in makes editing and mixing of sounds very easy and helps to get a high quality outcome. Therefore, this plug-in is the best option for audacity users to get the best output.

2. LADSPA plug-in:

LADSPA (Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plug-in API) is a Linux-based plug-in, generally used by Linux OS users. Although, this plug-in is available for Windows and Mac OS users. Audacity has got built-in support for this plug-in and it is free to download. This is mainly used for audio filtering and signal processing purpose. LADSPA is also one of the best choices as audacity plug-in.

3. LV2 plug-in:

LV2 plug-in is upgraded version of LADSPA plug-in. This is most commonly used by Linux OS users but supports all other operating systems. Audacity has built-in support for this plug-in, hence easy to download and use. This plug-in provides MIDI ( Musical instrument digital interface) facility which is not available in LADSPA plug-in.  This plug-in includes an audio controller which controls the voltage/audio rate, units like hertz, decibels and octaves. LV2 is one of the great plug-ins available for free.

4. Nyquist plug-in:

Nyquist plug-in supports Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. This plug-in has been developed by Roger Dannenberg, co-founder of audacity. The main purpose of this plug-in is audio synthesis. Nyquist programming language is based on Lisp and users can create their plug-in using Nyquist programming language. Nyquist plug-in is available for free to download and audacity has got built-in support for this plug-in.

5. Audio unit plug-in:

Audio Unit plug-in is designed for the Mac operating system and does not support any other platform. This plug-in is developed by Core Audio (Apple Inc) only for Apple devices. The main intention of this plug-in is to generate, process and manipulate audio streams in near-real-time. This plug-in includes equalizer and delays reverb function. And provides pitch modification, sample rate conversion, stream over LAN facilities.

6. Module plug-in:

Audacity functionality can be enhanced by using experimental modules. In-order to load modules, Audacity user needs to add ‘modules’ folder which resides at installation folder. Then, the user should add files within the module folder. After adding files, restart the audacity and open ‘ module preferences’.  Next, enable the module preferences and once again restart audacity. Now you can see different modules to work as per your choice. User can add new features using these modules.

These are a couple of best audacity plug-ins to enhances the audacity functionality effectively. Audacity users can make use of these to get the best outcome!


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