5 Best Exciter Plugin Software

Do you want to add brilliance and presence to your mix? Perhaps you’re looking for making things a little grittier? Or you want to add some perceived clarity? So if that is so then here, you will get the best harmonic exciter plug-in that will do everything right for you.

In this article, you will see a few of the best exciter plugins that will give you extraordinary brilliance and presence to your mix. But before we dive in let’s see in brief about Exciter.

Best Exciter Plugin Software

So what is an Exciter?

It is a hardware or software plug-in that improves an audio signal via any number of processes. Mostly, the methods use by exciter circuits is dynamic equalization and phase manipulation. However, some of the devices use high-frequency harmonic synthesis whereas others incorporate harmonic distortion into the signal. Furthermore, exciters are also said as harmonic exciters or aural exciters.

Best Exciter Plugin Software

iZotope Exciter

If you’re disappointed with the sterile and brittle quality then, iZotope Exciter will be perfect for you. It is well-known for flexibility and the most fully featured exciter plug-ins available in the market. iZotope Exciter has tons of features and functionalities with a customizable interface.

The exciter circuitry also adds lots of character and brilliance to audio with its multiple saturation modes. iZotope Exciter has triode and dual triode options. Also, you will have tube, retro, and tape modes which sound good as their analog counterparts.

Even it has the ability to enable sounds to cut through the mix. As it is part of a comprehensive suite of audio tools that why it will cost a lot more than other exciters. But offers a great degree valuable of user customization.

Features of iZotope Exciter

  • It comes along with four configurable saturation bands and multiband and mid/side
  • Processing.
  • iZotope Exciter has a saturation spectrum display and peak saturation.
  • It has triode and dual-triode modes and Retro, tape, warm, and tube settings.
  • iZotope Exciter has a post filter for sculpting frequency output as well.

Softube Abbey Road Brilliance Pack

It is an absolute element to create beautiful sounds and enhancing source audio without installing any harsh quality to the signals. This amazing plugin easily stems with vocals, instruments and other sound processes. Abbey Road Brilliance Pack comes with the revolutionary mix tools used in the legendary studio of the same name.

The brilliant set of three specialized equalizers serves great on individual tracks, stems, and even entire mixes. This soulful plugin can even liven up even the dullest tracks. In the process of adjusting on the high frequencies, the Abbey Road Brilliance Pack includes two RS127s (one including and excluding built-in transformer), and the RS135.

This versatile package of exciter plugins satisfies most any credible studio applications. It comes at a high price tag but with an underlying undoubtedly ‘magic’ sound.

Features of Softube Abbey Road Brilliance Pack

  • Firstly, Abbey Road original hardware units molded three treble equalizers.
  • Supplements transformer to original RS127 circuit
  • The RS127 provides up to 10 dB of boost or cut at 2.1, 3.5 and 10 kHz.
  • The RS135 fixes boost at 8 kHz also.
  • Lastly, all of this comes at low CPU usage.

Valve Exciter by AudioThing

Valve Exciter cited as “Harmonic Enhancer plug-in” acclaim for its ability to develop clarity and intensify luster when handled subtly. The rich feature of this exciter is that it has a series of filters that have been tuned scrupulous by hand, granting you to sweep the critical center frequencies with total control.

The valve section grants you all the intense analog flavors you could need to add shrewd brilliance to your tracks. The best part is you can even smooth in on the accurate frequencies you want through a bias control for the tube section. The secrets to its effective use are proper gain staging, as the input is chiefly sensitive to signal levels. This ultimate garnished exciter comes at an attractive price tag.

Features of Valve Exciter by AudioThing

  • Valve Exciter has bass and treble with Harmonics sweep option.
  •  It comes along with valve emulation with the drive control and low CPU usage.  Also, a present system with randomizer control installed.

Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

Aphex is a familiar term to any person who has operated broadly in pro audio.  It is popular for its ability to liven up a mix when handled avidly, the high-end ‘grit’ that it added to the signal and to make muffled vocal tracks precise and more intelligible.

The Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter closely fashions the sound, vibe, and even features of the original, with a mass of features that would make it suit right into any modern studio.  The analog section allows digging in the precise amount of grit to individual tracks, stems, and entire mixes. There is a perfect value for the price in Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter.

Features of Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

  • It is modeled after the tube-powered original.
  • It enhances brightness, depth, and vibrancy of the sound.
  • Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter has an amazing ability to increases presence without increasing levels.
  • The exciter is suitable for vocals and instruments both.
  • Mix and AX modes are available.
  • Mono and stereo capability also installed along with the 24 bit/192kHz resolution.

Waves OneKnob Brighter

Waves OneKnob Brighter is about simplicity, after all the quality is what matters the most, and you may spot that the OneKnob Brighter binds flawlessly on the mid-high frequencies of your guitar and vocal tracks, making them hit through the mix without being too shrill or overbearing.

It is a single control knob and handles an unexpected volume of functionality in a simple package. It is easy to use and eases tracks cut through the mix without the demand for extended tweaking. There are fewer chances on a bargain in this exciter.

Features of Waves OneKnob Brighter

  • Mainly all-in-one sound-shaping capability single-parameter interface
  • With a full range of mix processing enriched
  • Mono, stereo, and mono-stereo capability suitable for studio and live applications
  • So these are the five Best Exciter Plugin Software!

I hope this article has helped you know about what you are looking for. Do comment below if you have any queries and allow us to serve better. Share the article with family and friends. Thanks!


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