What to Do When the Volume Changes Itself in FL Studio

If you are a person who is new to the fl studio then you might love the experience. There are a number of knobs and there are buttons, sliders and many more things that you may require. There are a number of issues that are related to any new experience we have and so is with the FL studio.

Volume changes itself in FL Studio

The problem that arises is that the volume changes itself. This can be due to the volume controls that might be hidden or they may be due to the controls that might have changed accidentally. In this article, you will know about the methods that you can use to eradicate the problems.

Volume Changes Itself in FL Studio –

Let us know about the solutions:

Internal controllers and Volume automation

There are a number of methods that are used to control the buttons or the knobs to control the notes. The first way is to use the automation clip. The second way is to use the editor. The third method is to edit the control and also by noting the velocity.

1. Is it an Automation clip?

The automation clips can be regarded as the graphs that are used for controlling the parameters. Here are the steps that you can use for controlling the volume:

  1.  You need to switch to channel rack.
  2. Here you need to change the display filter. You can set it to automation.
  3. Check if you get any volume automation clip.

There are three causes for the volume change in the fl studio. If you get those then you need to go for the same automation clip.

The Fix

If you need to fix you need to switch back and to do this you can click on the automation channel. By clicking, you will be changing the volume and after this, you can click delete option. By doing this you have deleted the automation clip that was creating issues.

Is it an Event?

In an event, you are able to record the live automation and it is somewhat close to the automation clip. Now in this what you can do is, you can simply create an event where you move the slider or the knob. You can do these accidentally as well as intentionally. When you are doing so see that these things will happen:

  • Automation will be checked
  • You might have clicked on record and play option
  • The slider was moved by you
  • And the recording was also stopped by you after that.

You can use a pattern that will cause the volume to vary. You might have deleted it so if you do not get-go to the browser plugins to get the current one.

The Fix

If you want to fix and deal with these issues you need to go the browser. Here go to the current projects option and then click on patterns. If you are able to see any pattern that is under the option of initialised controls then you can just delete it.


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