Top 5 Best DJ apps for android

Music applications are developing up increasingly more advanced nowadays, and when it comes explicitly for DJ’s or those needing to scratch, mix or change a few tunes, we have been pretty lucky since there are many proficient solutions out there. We recollect when we were in wonderment when DJ controllers and DJ software turned out to be progressively popular across the board, yet with smart devices, it’s winding up much more technically solid.

Being a DJ can be costly. You have to lot of money for DJ gear to purchase and afterwards you need to contribute a lot of time to learn it, use the gear, and make amazing music. In all honesty, there are some not too bad DJ applications on Android. There aren’t any right now that can run the entire show however you can utilize these.

DJ Apps for Android

Where there are dreams there is an Android. Android compatible mobiles let you satisfy your fantasies about turning into a famous DJ. It accompanies a pack of astonishing DJ applications and empowers you to figure out how to mix the sings with each other and make a special tone. DJ applications for android release the strain of purchasing the high rate melodic instruments and one more advantage of these applications is that you can rehearse different tunes while in a hurry.

A portion of the DJ applications give you an enormous group of tunes and enables you to blend your preferred music. These applications are additionally viable to naturally create the ideal mix of multiple melodies. With the assistance of DJ applications for android, you can without much of a stretch cross-fade between the different BPMs, pitch, beat, cadence and frequency of the tracks.

DJ applications can be a tricky subject in dancing circles, however, they shouldn’t be. As opposed to posing a danger to the customary, physical art of expert DJing, they’re more made for intrigued beginners.

Individuals who need to explore different things regarding assembling their own mix, and maybe to soundtrack the odd house party or wedding receptions. Expert DJs can get some use out of them, yet their main group of spectators is the rest of us.

Best 5 DJ Apps for Android

1. Djay 2

The Djay 2 – is the next generation one of the world’s best DJ applications. The Djay 2 changes your device into a full-included DJ programming and controller that coordinates music straightforwardly from your Google Play music library AND Spotify. The application enables you to turn live, record and mix on the go, or even empower party-friendly ‘Automix mode’ which makes a consistent mix for you consequently. It additionally comes furnished with various sound FX (like Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, and many more like it), yet additionally gives you the choice to download FX development packs that has more than 30 DJ sound FX.

Distinctive blending features like the looping and signal focuses, automatic beat detection, key detection and coordinating, and Key Lock all make it simpler for you starter DJs that need to gain proficiency with the ropes. Regardless of whether you’re an expert DJ or a learner who simply needs to turn, Djay 2 offers one of the most captivating and learning encounters on an Android gadget at a truly affordable cost. It is also available for iOS devices.

2. Cross DJ

Here we have another solid and advanced DJ application accessible for both iOS and Android stages. The mixing highlighting features of Cross DJ incorporate BPM detection, Beatmatcher (parallel waveforms to ensure your tracks are synchronized), stable syncing (one-press and the 2 tracks never leave stage), dynamic pitch mix, custom pitch range (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%), and exact beat-grid altering – all to guarantee your tracks match up appropriately, making transition smooth. The application likewise has an instinctive, multi-channel interface which highlights turntables, separate tabs, and navigation by organizers – which makes it simpler finding and choosing your tunes. Remember to change to picture mode in the event that you need one enormous single-player.

Cross DJ additionally enables you to learn, blend and play all SoundCloud legitimately in the application – no paid account or membership is required. You can plug-and-play Cross DJ on your Android gadget to the U-Mix Control-Pro and select Pioneer MIDI controls on the off chance that you want to turn into the pro-Tiësto. Download this DJ application for nothing in the event that you’d like to attempt it so you can become familiar with the essentials of Djing on the most proficient method to turn, before really purchasing a top of the line software.

3. DJ Studio 5

Here we take a look at the DJ Studio 5, which is viewed as one of the easier to use mixing applications – is a great option for your school parties. This product is compatible with your Android gadgets (V2.3 and above it) – working best with your Google Nexus devices. DJ Studio 5 highlighting feature are 2 virtual turntables with crossfaders, and 7 adjustable deck skins to make your interface look enthusiastic. All music is gotten to through your mp3 library and can be altered or re-requested by your very own settings of choice – perhaps request them by BPM or artist name for easier assessment.

The application likewise comes furnished with 8 audio effects (flanger, phaser, gate, and reverb to give some examples) and 3-groups EQ for each deck. The Auto-mix feature makes it advantageous for when you need to leave your device at the speakers, and while enjoying the party – without stressing over DJing. Regardless of whether you are a fledgeling or an expert, DJ Studio 5 is a standout amongst other DJ applications for the two classifications and can be downloaded for nothing in the case that you want to give it a shot first.

4. Edjing 5

Now we should take a look at the freshest edition of the most downloaded best DJ Apps out there. The Edjing 5 offers a unique UI that streamlines all DJ controls, and now has a feature that stretches the limit point to smartphone mixing – making this a standout amongst other DJ applications out there. The new interface has immediate and speedy access to all the fundamental features expected to make a decent blend, while likewise coming outfitted with brilliant FX the board and Audio FX records that ensure you are utilizing your sound FX appropriately. It likewise has little sound range spectrum to explore through your file and wide sound range for ideal beat detection.

Edjing 5 enables you to incorporate your Deezer records (requires a paid account), SoundCloud music, and iTunes library arranging the music by BPM, length, or sequential request for fast looking. The ongoing sound examination of this highlights programmed BPM identification, a Tap BPM feature to manually change the BPM, various matching up highlighting features, Looping and Scratching modes to give the portable application a realistic interface experience. This likewise accompanies 16 free examples for you mixing fun. Much the same as Cross DJ, this application is valuable for individuals who need to adapt and learn, yet don’t have any desire to spend any cash right now since a free preliminary version feature is likewise accessible.

 5. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is one of the most well-known DJ applications for portable device or smartphones, if not the most prominent. It checks the majority of the basis for your djing technique. You can make your very own beats, record vocals, include ongoing trending effects, and there are a huge amount of sound packs to browse. You get a considerable lot of it for free. Be that as it may, in the same way as other versatile music creation applications, it gets genuinely gets costly rather rapidly. This one is likewise useful for basic performers if you are searching for an application to record unique parts as well. This isn’t structured in view of specialists DJ.

Music Maker Jam gives you a chance to make tracks in three kinds: dubstep, tech house and jazz. Each style opens an 8 channel blender, with each channel highlighting a wide range of sounds or instruments. There’s a sequencer for controlling the symphonious movement of your tune as well. You can include effect on the fly as your melody is playing. Music Maker Jam will make them make tunes in minutes, yet that quickness carries with it some genuine limitations. It is a ton of fun, however, the modest number of sounds and tests implies you will rapidly come up short on inspiration. Be that as it may, Music Maker Jam offers a ton of fun, and is an extraordinary method to get into making music.


The best DJ applications for Android will satisfy your music mixing needs great. However, in the event that you are searching for something propelled, well I was not ready to find that sort of application during my exploration time. In case that you know an application which goes well beyond than this list, I will surely incorporate it in this list. These applications are incredible in the event that you recognize what you are doing to learn and develop your djing techniques.

I once observed a skilled person mixed some amazing tunes utilizing only by his Android cell phone and the sound jack. Do the trick to state I was truly intrigued by that and this incident turned into the early draft of this article.


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