Selling Your Music Online |How To Make Money From Your Music

If you’re someone with musical talent and wondering around how to make money online then, you’re on the right page. Most of the people are unaware of earning money opportunities. Usually, our view is based on the old school like joining the band with gigs or contract. But now that is not at all true, these days we have tons of option online for skilled musicians. By selling ones original composition online, one can earn money with the musical ability.

As there are numerous people looking for unique tunes so that they can use various multi-media projects. Also, it will be the best way to distribute your music on all the most popular download services. So have a look at a few companies down below that lets you create your own music with the potential customers.



It is a well-known all-purpose freelancer site for songwriters and composers. Basically, one needs to be a ghost musician for creating the jingles, backing tracks for singers. Also, you have to do all sorts of other things without being recognized for your efforts. Moreover, the top-rated Fiverr composers charge $40.00 per unique song. If you want to earn more than, you have to be fast in writing and recording music.


It is the online site for selling royalty free background tracks. It will be very tough to join as one needs to have 30 songs to become one of their vendors.  Even if you get those songs but, there are still some of the things that will make it difficult. It may sound difficult to deal with in prospect but, it will be good for those who want to get in.

SOUNDOTCOM has split fifty per cent of the royalties with the artists. When it comes a price then, its price is quite more than the normal site. As they have everlasting right to sell the music meaning one can never take any of it down. Mostly, they work with artists on a non-exclusive basis, you can even upload your music on other sites too.


TuneCore is similar to the CD Baby but, it mainly focuses on streaming services. For a single, they charge $9.99 whereas for the album they charge $29.99. Also, you can track the page from which you can see your stats on all the different services. TuneCore is extremely quick, once you upload your music then, within 24 hours, it will be available to stream everywhere.

CD Baby

If you want to get your music on the well-known streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify then, undoubtedly CD Baby will help you out. It will put your songs in record stores. Also, it will be available for licensing to radio stations and TV channels as well. Usually, they charge $9.95 for single and for album $50.00.  But it doesn’t pay artists that well, you should keep this thing in mind before joining it. Most of the times rates that can less, so it is essential to building up the sizable fanbase to make a profit from this. But a lot of artists legitimacy have gained from having the music in the same marketplace. will provide a platform for selling the royalty free music recordings to companies as well as multimedia producers. It also includes such as background music for movies or commercials, corporate presentations, regional radio broadcasts, podcasts, and Youtube videos. Almost all the styles of music are up for sale in, and most of the tracks are created combining electronic equipment and traditional instruments. Furthermore, for paying will decide to get paid for each track based on length, complexity, and other factors.

So these are some ways of the selling music online.


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