How to Render a Song with High Quality in FL Studio

If you’re looking on how to render a song with high quality in FL Studio then, you’re in the right place. We get a question often times about it, so we assume that we have added already mastering chain as well as the beat. So if you’re enthusiastic about the master beat then, this article is merely for you. Also, you have to make sure that there is no clipping on the final output. If all is fine, we are ready to render down your beat, here we go!

Render a Song with High Quality in FL Studio

Ways to Render a Song with High Quality in FL Studio:

First of all, you have to choose high-quality rendering settings in FL Studio

Whenever you will select the render option in FL Studio, you will see the render settings window. Here selecting the option will determine the quality of the render, type of the file as well as the time it takes to render.

After that, you have to select a value for sample interpolation under the quality section, so higher you will set the amount better quality you will get. But it will take a longer time to render down the files, so 64-point sinc is highly recommended. Also, you have to ensure that the option enabled to have HQ for all plugins. By doing so, it will put all the plugins into the high-quality mode.

Now you have to render a WAV File to CD Quality in FL Studio

Whenever you want to render down to CD quality then, always choose WAV as the output format. If you wish to go as depth then, select 16 bit. Or you may like to go into the audio settings window but, you have to ensure that the sample rate is set to 44.1 kHz. By choosing these option will provide a CD-quality render in FL Studio.

Now Let See How Can We Render the High-Quality MP3 in FL Studio

Before rendering down the mp3 file you have to choose the highest bit rate possible which for an mp3 is 320 kbps.

But if you’re rendering the audio for a website then, you have to choose for smaller bit-rate to load it because of the size of the file. So if that is the case, you must choose the highest bit-rate that you can. And if you’re providing a beat to a purchaser, go for the 16bit WAV file as mentioned above, if they ask for an mp3 file.

Now You Have To Provide the highest quality file you can when rendering in FL Studio

In the best possible way, you can provide the artist with the highest quality audio files that you want. No matter what you will surely get requests for a specific type of file from certain people. For instance, there are some artists that will prefer an mp3 file. Whenever your clients demand this then, you can provide them. But most of the people are highly advice against this.

So while rendering with an mp3 file, you need to change the bit rate to the highest possible. Rendering down to MP3 the conversion process will compress the audio file then, there will be no quality of the recording. So you need to avoid rendering to mp3!


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