Best Plugins for Bass Enhancement and Mixing Bass

Musicians who are working with Bass must need to mix these to create the best music and to do so, they need some plugins. Software emulators or plugins are now an indispensable part of any musician’s portfolio. So the plugins which can mix bass are quite useful to them. There are various plugins available in the market which claims to mix bass properly. But is their claim true? If you need to know the truth, and also to decide which plugin you should try to enhance and mix bass, then keep reading.

plugins for Mixing Bass

Why we choose analog modelled plugins

Analog modelled plugins give the true essence of bass and the sounds they produce are the best. Not only that, analog colour and saturation work best on low frequencies, and it takes the music form low end to a new high. For this generation of music, the hardware also plays its role. Our computers or DAWs have analog hardware modelled plugins which make things easier. With a laptop, a DAW, and whoop-dee-doo and a couple of clicks here and there, and voila! You are ready with your own studio in your room at your fingertip. All praises go to the digital-analog.

Now, the list of best plugins to create the best music follows here.

  • Bass rider by Waves

While mixing the electronic music, all you want is to keep the bass note volume level consistent. When you are working with deep lower octaves, you know there is more signal information and the volume is higher. On the other hand, higher octave basses do not hold the lower frequencies and the volume are lacking as a result. So if you are trying to play different bass notes your bass volume will be inconsistent, which is bad for your mix.

Volume tightening is also required for acoustic bases. When you are plucking on any instrument, a difference in volume is created. If you tighten this up, even slightly, it will create a dramatic effect on your overall mix.

When you are expecting the best output, you must play all the bass notes on a similar volume. Your low notes and high notes should carry the same power. In cases of acoustic bass recording, the volume must be consistent. Well, it is not so difficult now. Bass rider added to your bass can be a great step, then you can do some easy tweaks and use of powerful presets will do the job. You will find your bass level to be steady and perfect. You are now free from manual volume drawing automation.

If you compare Bass rider to a standard compressor, you will find that Bass rider works note to note. Not only that, it is optimized to a specific frequency range, and it also covers all the bass sounds. The plugin knows how to handle all the decays, sustain and attacks along with the release of basses. This results in most natural sounds with a steady volume.

If you are a producer or you are a mixer, this plugin must find its place in your kit, which will help you gain automation much easily.

  • LoAir by Waves

When you use subharmonic generators and accentuators in the bass, the output is beautiful, and the magicians of mixing at Waves know how it can be done.

LoAir can increase the power of bass doubly. It takes the lower frequency harmonics and does some voodoo, and you will find a super low booming bass dimension is added to your music which is an impossible task otherwise. The algorithm in the LoAir is efficient enough to calculate which frequency to boost and which frequency to leave alone, which results in bone-shaking bass.

Massive low-end mixing and mastering the full surround sound is the speciality of LoAir. Thus this plugin is used by movie sound mixers to enhance the effect of explosions or heavy footsteps. Not only with surround sound, this plugin also works well with stereo and mono sounds as well. Bass, kick drums and heavy synths can be worked perfectly with this plugin, so for the producers who are yet to own a studio can do wonders with bass with this plugin.

  • MaxxBass by Waves

This one too is an enhancement plugin from Waves. As the name suggests, you can turn the low-end sweet sounds to reach the max level, and reach your bass boom to a new high then you certainly should pick this plugin.

When you are working at the low end of the bass, you have multiple arrays of frequencies working simultaneously. The deep bass harmonics are created that way. If you are not using MaxxBass then those deep harmonics will lay dormant. They will be there but without any action, they will remain passively. MaxxBass algorithms work on exact harmonies that are related to fundamental tones of sound. Thus those are combined to create the psychoacoustic effect from the extended perceived bass response taking up to 1.5 octaves. That results in smashing bass sound which is at the same time lower, deeper and rich. The original dynamic character of the bass is preserved throughout.

Harmonics boosted by MaxxBass are above 60-80 Hz. So you can be assured that your bass will sound heavy when the speaker is not of top quality. You will also be able to find several presets which are there to solve this kind of speaker problem. The present called lo-fi speaker is there to boost the low sweet spot to fit into a budget speaker.

This is one of the formidable plugins which is used by most of the motion picture and the hit records. This plugin works superbly with the music engineers and the producers.

  • Renaissance Bass by Waves

The name has been abbreviated to RBass, and it comes straight from the classic renaissance bundle. Deep powerful bass is a game for this plugin, and similar to Vox plugin, this one too can take pride on vocals, simplicity and strength.

This one comes unusually with only three sliders. Those are for frequency, simplicity and grain. Dramatic low-end tightening is done breezily with it. All you have to do is choose the frequency range that you target at. The Renaissance Bass MaxxBass harmonic technology will adjust the intensity and gain the taste on its own. The output will be beautiful rich deep bass that you will love.

Instead of surgically mixing the lower frequencies, generally adding process works better for bass. This way all the lower frequency will correlate to each other and will not produce a harsh sound at peak. When you are working with this plugin, the targeted frequency is getting the priority, while that is sonically boosted by surrounding harmonics which are present at other frequencies.

This plugin uses the MaxxBass psycho-acoustic technology.  The perceived bass response is extended up to1.5 octaves. Your bass is boosted powerfully so it sounds great in any and every sound system.

  • C4 Multiband Compressor by Waves

Multiband dynamics work powerfully in this plugin to process your bass, and it creates beautiful sounds at the end. So to use this plugin you must obtain the best multiband compressor.

This lightweight plugin works extremely well, and it gives the full control over your bass dynamics. You can up and down the expansion, limit, compress, standard and dynamic equalization with a detailed four simple bands. You can just use any tools that you lay your hand upon. The tools are actually visually displayed. A helpful visual analyzer will help you see what the plugin does in actual time.

Different parts of your bass can be sculpted, controlled and brought out most discreetly. Wild transients can be tamed, notes can be changed, and you can ensure that your lower frequencies are at full force throughout the mix.

There are plenty of plugins claiming that they can make your bass sound bolder and deeper. But not all plugins leave up to the claim. The above-mentioned ones are handpicked and thus can work as outstanding processors to beef up the low-end tones. If you can reach the demo version of any plugin that you wish to use in full bloom, it is advised to use the demo version first. That way you will be able to understand the ability of the plugin (if not in full form) and also you can see how this one is working on your tracks. Bass forms can be reinvigorated with deepest darkest parts with the use of the proper plugin. So if you are willing to use the plugins, you need to know the techniques required to put these tools into effective use.

So no more of too thin low-end sounds, or not so crisp high end sounds. Forget about your confused stereo field sound or worry about how to apply delay and reverb. If you are willing to get the perfect mix, look no further. The perfect plugin and a bit of creativity will sort out the situation and you will successfully be able to create the right track with the mix.


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