Kawai ES7 Digital Piano Review

If you are a music lover and like to play a perfect piano that will give you the best experience, the Kawai ES7 is a good choice. Here in this article, I will discuss with you all the specification of Kawai ES7. Kawai ES7 is a good piano for home and professional use.

It is being used in many recording studios all over the world because of its perfect sound tone and features. Apart from its mind-boggling features it also has alluring look and design which fascinate people. This Kawai ES7 piano has full of beautiful features and advantages. I am pretty sure that if you haven’t played this piano yet, you should at least play it one time.

Kawai ES7 Digital Piano

Its sound tones have unique quality in it which makes it different from other usual Piano. You will know all aspects of this piano if you read this article till the end. So, stay here and understand every detail of it before buying it.

Kawai ES7 Complete In-Depth Review

Kawai ES7 is an internationally well-known and famous brand Keyboard. The company did an amazing job on it in order to make it better than other keyboards in this category. Now, I am going to shed light on some important aspects of Kawai ES7 which are important to understand before buying it.

Looks and Design

The looks and design of Kawai ES7 are totally based upon pleasing simplicity which is perfect for any area. Because of its eye-catching alluring design, wherever you place it, it will glorify the look of that place. The company gave it a uniquely rich look on its surface with a glossy finish.

The keys of the piano are also enhanced its looks. The material of the key is designed in such a way that it prevents finger slipping from the keys because of moistures.
The aspect ratio of every part of the keyboard is finely designed to impress anybody’s eyes. Attractive looking of keyboard is pretty important because keyboard is not a thing to put in the almirah. Keyboards are now become an instrument to show everybody because it has become a passion and linked with people’s personal life.

People take care of it like they are taking care of themselves. Thus, it is so crucial to have a beautiful design on a keyboard. Kawai ES7 design is so attractive to grab anybody’s attention.


Kawai ES7 has the technology of Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound which gives realistic and soulful sound. Kawai ES7 has a speaker base of (8 x 12 cm) x 2 which provide Output Power of 15 W x 2. It also provides the sample for 88 sound notes. Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology is a superior technology ever used in digital pianos.

The most important thing in any piano is its sound and tone. Because the core job of a piano is to produce a realistic sound. So, you should buy a piano after evaluating its sound quality. Kawai ES7 sound is natural, cheerful and peaceful.
This piano provides 8 sound variation ranging from “Mellow ground” to “Rock piano”. You can change the variation according to your music. Apart from that, it is so user-friendly when it comes to change the settings of the keyboards. It provides a quite sharp tone when using bell-like sound which is amazing.

Duet Features

There are plenty of features available in Kawai ES7. Duet feature is one amazing feature from them. Duet feature allows the keyboards to let the people hear the sound simultaneously without any other extension. This keyboard has a dual headphone slot which can be used simultaneously along with the audience as well.

Apart from that, it also has a built-in four hands mode. This feature helps when you are giving or taking guidance on any particular music with anybody else. If you are a teacher and want to teach you students some notes by playing it side by side, then you can do so with Kawai ES7.
Sometimes we need to do the rehearsal with someone who knows playing the piano better than us. In this situation, the need of playing side by side piano arises. Kawai ES7 allows you to learn the piano as well with this amazing feature.

Keyboard Light

Kawai ES7 has built-in blue light beneath the keys of the piano. When you press any key in the keyboard the light lits. To enhance its visual looking company is giving inside keyboard light with it. It looks like you are playing with lights when you see someone playing it.

Some keyboard does not have built-in lights in it because it can increase the price of a keyboard too high. But light should be there in the keys of the piano because, in the absence of lighting, the piano would look like ordinary.

In this modern world, the piano is also a piece of showcase that is why companies are focusing on the keyboard’s appearance in front of the audience as well.
Kawai ES7 is highly demanded keyboard in the US restaurants and clubs only because of its lighting features which catch everybody’s eyes.

USB Functions/Playback

In this range of keyboards, USB functions are dominant features that must be included in the keyboard. Nowadays, if a keyboard does not have USB recording or playback feature then nobody is going to buy it. Everybody wants to have their own track record stored somewhere with the direct source. You can later edit or modify it according to your need.

  • Kawai ES7 has a playback feature in MP3, WAV, SMF formats.
  • Apart from that it also gives liberty to record your track in real-time in MP3 and WAV formats. There are many things you could do with its USB functions. You can convert a song into audio if you have the song available in the USB device.
  • User can also upload their pre-made songs into the keyboard and play that.
  • You do not need to send a file to any computer system to do basic things. You can change the file, rename it, save registration, delete it and format USB etc with Kawai ES7 Keyboard.

This keyboard seems a high-end keyboard because of its mind-boggling features. If you like these feautures then you can go for this keyboard.


Most of the digital keyboard comes with a digital display. Kawai ES7 has its 16 x 2 characters LCD display. The role of this digital display is crucial to let the keyboard do its work. There are hundreds of setting you might need to adjust in your keyboard. You can not remember all the track settings and customized setting but if you have a good display you can easily operate every function of your keyboard.

This keyboard has an adjustable sharp visualize display. Display of this keyboard does not give pain to the eyes while playing in low light. You can play your piano as long as you want, it will not harm your eyes.

One problem in many keyboards is that when playing in dim light the light of display emits reflection of it thus it becomes difficult to see keyboard key instantly. But in Kawai ES7 you would not face this problem.

Jacks & Attachments

The keyboard is not an instrument of playing without any external attachment however, you can easily do so. You need to attach your keyboard with external extension. To use such outside extensions keyboard must have jacks and attachment ports on it.

Kawai ES7 provides you USB to Host, USB to Device, LINE IN STEREO, DAMPER (for F-10H), PEDAL (for F-301), Headphones x 2, MIDI (IN/OUT), DAMPER/SOFT (for F-20), LINE OUT (L/MONO, R). These jacks availability allows you to maximize the usefulness of this keyboard. There is almost every jack port available in it. You can connect and use any of outside Extention through cable.

Warranty & Service

Warranty and services of the product are also necessary things to consider before buying any keyboard. Since you are going to invest your money in the product, you should also know the company’s warranty and services. Kawai ES7 comes with the 3-year labour and parts warranty which is pretty fine.

Most keyboards companies are giving an only 2-year warranty. Kawai is a big brand and it has a good market value in the keyboard industry that is why the company is giving more than their customer’s expectation, 3 years of warranty.
Even if you have lost your warranty card which you have got from the retailer, you can request for generating new warranty card through Kawai technical support.


Kawai ES7 seems to be a perfect choice for piano lovers. Even if you are beginner, this keyboard is also good for you. The company tried to include all the high-end features in this keyboard. We can say that Kawai ES7 is perfectly made keyboard which will definitely enhance your music experience. Kawai is also a popular brand in the piano industry. Company is making pianos for many decades.

So, you can trust the product of the company without any hesitation. This keyboard did no compromise with features, quality, and design at all. This is the reason you should consider Kawai ES7 before buying any other keyboard.


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