In-Depth Review: Neewer Mic Stand

Mic stands are moderately basic mechanical gadgets that are used to hold your receiver microphone for you or your vocalist when recording or performing live. A perfect mic stand ought to be strong and inflexible, and give great acoustic separation between whatever surface it is arranged on and the microphone. In this article, we’ll investigate the Neewer mic stand and perceive how it piles facing contenders.

NEEWER is popular for its reasonable studio hardware and adornments. What’s more, the Neewer mic stand has turned out to be one of its leader and well-known item class in the music studio gear speciality.

Neewer Mic Stand

Mic Stand classification

There are a few kinds of mic stands to look over, and which one you pick relies upon the application, cost, and the quality you’re willing to pay for. On the off chance that you have a costly mic, it’s a smart thought to put resources into a quality stand, for example, the Rode PSA-1 as an attractive measure. Here’s a speedy look-over of a couple of regular amplifier stand types, including the scissor arm mic stand.

  • tripod – broadly useful remain with three legs that typically overlay up for included movability
  • tripod boom – like the tripod stand, yet this has a boom for broadened sidelong reach
  • round base – instead of having three legs, these stands have an overwhelming round base for use in front of an audience and posture to a lesser extent a stumbling danger to live performers than the tripod stand
  • desktop – these resemble smaller adaptations of the round base stand and are perfect for broadcasting applications
  • desktop scissor arm – you can brace these movable scissor boom stands to a work area desktop and use them for broadcasting and home studio applications
  • low-profile – a short tripod boom stand that you can use to record drums that are arranged on the floor
  • overhead – these generally are taller and have a more extended boom go after account cymbals and hello there caps that are a piece of the drum set

About Neewer’s mic stand

The Neewer mic stand is unquestionably a budget thing that is more reasonable for specialists and room makers than for professionals. The Neewer stands have reduced receiver represent your home chronicle studio. Much the same as the B-Qtech, they all include a gooseneck that is customizable up to three sixty degrees. Put in an unexpected way; you can move it in any position or course however you see fit unclamping it from your table. And afterwards, there’s the swivel mount to make the adaptability a stride further.

These stand includes a pop channel with a double nylon net to guarantee that your voice/recording is free from plosion. What about similarity you inquire? Indeed, you can utilize the neewer stands with all work areas and desktops with a thickness of up 1.7 inches. Note – make certain to check your table’s width before buying one.

Aside from that, the neewer stands are all-steel, so there’s no doubt about there toughness or capacity to give you long stretches of administration. They will suit any standard-sized microphone. In any case, it may not be the best decision to use with a Blue Yeti Mic – continue looking down this rundown if that is the model you’re searching for. It will be that as it may, work with other prominent mics, for example, the Samson Meteor, Turtle Beach, and Snowball.

Different variant of neewer mic available

There is a number of neewers mic available in the market depending upon price and other quality standards:

1) NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This scissor arm model is so prevalent and well-perceived as the leader mic remains from Neewer. Being so reasonable, strong constructed and quality build, the Neewer’s boom arm stand has turned into the top of the line mic remain inside the Neewer’s mic stand class.

2) NEEWER NB-35 Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

The Neewer NB-35 is the lighter variant of the leader NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand that we have mentioned beforehand.

The fundamental contrasts are it’s just equipped for help up to 1.5kg of mic arrangement max, and the developed is lighter and oversimplified. What’s more, it comes with the pop channel in the bundle.

3) NEEWER White Broadcasting Studio Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

Neewer have proclaimed that this model is made for broadcasting purpose. After sometimes taking to review and research on this model, I found that it is 100% identical to its flagship suspension scissor boom arm stand.

However, the only difference is the colour option available for this model. This model is in white instead.

4) Neewer NB-39 Adjustable 43.3″/110cm Studio Recording Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

You can go for this NB-39 in the event that you are searching for a more drawn out boom arm mic stand. It’s is movable up to 43.4 (110cm). It tends to be reached out up to 12″ longer when contrasted with the Neewer lead boom arm which is just with the limit of 31.5″ extendable area.

The NB-39 is truly reasonable to be utilized on the bigger table, or you have to cut it to the bureau that situated at the side of your screen work area.

5) Neewer’s Foldable Tripod Desktop Desk Microphone Stand

This is the most straightforward and reasonable tripod desktop mic stand you can discover among the NEEWER’s mics. It’s reasonable for the position of safety instruments and easy-going work area recording purposes.

With the strong manufactured fordable tripod legs with non-slip feet, it is fit for holding heavier microphones, for example, AT2020, Shure MV51, and so on. What’s more, you can change its range from 8cm up to 12.5cm

6) Neewer Foldable Desktop Double-Net Microphone Tripod Stand

This model tripod stand model is reasonable for the small receiver microphones that have a distance across size littler than 32MM. Also, the developed is made for the light-weight employments.

In spite of being excessively basic, be that as it may, it includes an extra the pop channel, a pop channel holder stick and a stun mount mic holder in the bundle. It’s pop channel size is at 4″ measurement wide.

7) Neewer 8″/20cm Black Iron Base Desk Microphone Stand with Microphone Clip

This iron round base work area mic stand is progressively tough and steady when contrasted with the past tripod models that we have looked into above. The weighted iron base is intended to hold the heaviness of those substantial amplifiers microphones progressively steady and solidly.

What’s more, the main disadvantage is that it’s just fit with the handheld mics.

8) Neewer Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand with Boom Arm, 5/8-inch Threaded Mount

This is an entirely adaptable work area round base mic remain with customizable boom arm. Also, it’s entirely reasonable for podcasting, broadcasting, and singing and melodic execution purposes. You can change it to accommodate your ideal mic separation and stature effectively.

That being stated, it has a few focal points, principally its cost. How about we take a gander at the advantages and disadvantages of neewers mics.


  • Mic holder bar can come free after some time
  • No acoustic segregation – your work area will transmit vibration and clamoric disturbances to the mic
  • Contradictory with a portion of the more prominent mics – works best with a dynamic mic
  • Just supports 1 kg = 2.2 lbs
  • A few audits report disappointments from the top clamp that holds the mic
  • Springs can be uproarious in the event that you move the stand during chronicle recording.


  • Extremely simple arrangement
  • Economical
  • Adaptable – you can utilize it while sitting or standing
  • New clipping system appears to be tough and very much fabricated
  • A few movable joints – you can situate it in a wide range of arrangements
  • Clamps to the edge of your work area and open up space for other gear

How to assemble it?

Assembling neewer’s mic is very simple and basic that will take under three minutes to complete

  1. string the set screw somewhat loosely into the brace
  2. place the boom pin into the brace
  3. fix tight brace set screw
  4. fix  tight mic holder body screw
  5. string mic holder pin into mic holder body (fixing is proposed)
  6. relax the brace on the finish of the boom
  7. place mic the holder stick between the brace clamp
  8. fix the clamp.

Body designs characteristics

  • Range of motion

This Neewer mic stand arm offers a decent measure of adaptability and reach, and is ideal for a work area that doesn’t have much space for an ordinary work area mic works best like the On-Stage DS7200B or the Samson MD5. The additional favourable position of the Neewer mic remain over the weighted work area mic stand is that the boom can broaden sufficiently high from the work area to record while the vocalist or entertainer is holding up.

I quantified approximately 5 feet 2 creeps from the floor to the centre of my mic with the Neewer mic stand scissor boom completely broadened. My work area is 2 feet 5 inches high, with the goal that puts the full expansion length of the scissor boom at around 2 feet 9 inches. For included tallness, you could clamp it to something higher off the ground.

You can slacken and re-fix a few of the set screws for a wide range of mixes of positions and edges These can likewise be potential disappointment focuses, so it’s sort of a twofold edged sword to consider. I move and change mine habitually and have had it for more than two months without any issues.

  • Clamp designs

The redesigned clipping component gloats included unwavering quality over before structures. It appears Neewer reinforced the plan with progressively material and included a pleasant green wipe cushion to the clip for added grip and to stop the scissor boom remain from scratching your work area. The most extreme clamp opening profundity is 1-7/8″ so in the event that you pick this stand, you’ll have to ensure your work area thickness doesn’t surpass that.

  • Material used

Neewer made the boom arm itself out of two parallel, empty steel square 3/8″ x 3/8″ individuals. The individuals are covered with dark paint. The boom arms are verified together by steel plate and jolts that can be fixed on the off chance that they come free. The mic holder is some sort of adaptable and good quality plastic.

How its competitors in the market?

There are a couple of other tantamount scissor arm mic stands apart there. This remain from Earamble looks practically indistinguishable. It’s ready to help double the weight (up to 2 kg = 4.4 lbs) as the Neewer mic stand structure. It likewise functions admirably as a Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti mic stand, as well. These are two exceptionally famous budget condenser mics for podcasting, recording, and voice acting. The Earamble model appears as though it has the old brace structure, however, which is evidently less dependable.

InnoGear additionally makes a fundamentally the same as scissor arm mic stand. This one can likewise be utilized as a Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti mic stand, offering similarity with the two variations. It accompanies a 3/8″ to 5/8″ strung connector and incorporates the updated clamping structure.

On the pricier and progressively expert side of things, we have the Rode PSA1. This awful mic is the Lamborghini of scissor arm mic stands. It also can be utilized as a Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti mic remain, alongside practically all other expert mics. It accompanies a 3/8″ to 5/8″ strung connector. As an extra, you can likewise buy a stun mount. Look at the Rode site for more subtleties.

Bottom line remark

As referenced before, this Neewer mic stand is certainly a budget thing. It takes care of business without burning up all available resources and is one of the more fundamental structures for this sort of gear.

The stand certainly has a couple of drawbacks, however. These incorporate an absence of acoustic confinement, loud parts, and inconsistency with a portion of the more prominent microphone models. This can be normal at given its expense.

It likewise has a few advantages over different sorts of work area stands. The scissor arm of the Neewer mic stand clips to the edge and opens up some work area land. This could be a perfect decision for somebody absent much room in their studio for more apparatus. It is additionally entirely adaptable, with many moving parts and movable joints that can put the mic in practically any point in space inside the booms extend.


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