Camel Crusher VST Plugin Free Download Guide

We do not need real tools to generate any music with numerous free VST plugins. This virtual technique contributes to music production and also provides tools to edit it that produce unique audios. Naturally, it is necessary to polish your skills for a producer and DJs. To know what the recent update is going on, it is also essential to explore the plugins world.

Camel Crusher VST Plugin

Camel Crusher is a free VST plugin available to high-quality audio for Windows and Mac users. You don’t have to think more and install your record immediately as a free plugin.

It’s a free multi-impact “shading” module. It offers two singular twisting sounds that can be mixed together for a wide range of tones and surfaces. Unbelievable guitars, drums and more bounty! A warm, smooth low-pass channel, with reverberation pails, is available as well. Relegate a MIDI controller and start to tweak!

Features of Camel Crusher Plugin

  • Two distinct types of distortion. Warm resonant low-pass filter with a similar model.
  • Easy to use compressor of high quality with ‘ Phat ‘ mode.
  • Powerful function of ‘ MIDI Learn. ‘
  • To get you started, a collection of preset patches. Instant inspiration randomize.

Distortion For the type of distortion you want to add each knob. The distortion of the tubes is a kind of analogous, while the distortion of the mech is dirtier and more mechanical. Both can be used simultaneously.

Like most plugins, a low-pass filter is available for CamelCrusher to set Cutoff and Resonant. At which frequency the higher frequencies should be reduced, the Cutoff button determines. The resonance button increases the interrupt frequencies.

CamelCrusher Compressor gives you a compressor that is simple but powerful. The amount of compression applied to your sound can be set with the Amount knob. And then the Phat Mode is there. Turning this mode will give your sound a rough edge, depending on the amount of compression.

Master, You can also find two knobs in the Master section. The mix knob is first. You can, therefore, determine how much signal you want to hear treated and untreated. Turn it right to hear only your signal being treated. You can change the overall output level with the volume button. With the volume button.

You can not find anyone better than Camel Crusher among many freeware plugins out there. An excellent Camel Audio distortion plugin, it is one of the favourite plugins of all brilliant music producers and DJ’s.

Audio Camel, which is 2015 will be part of Apple, is no longer producing plugins. This plugin is a little difficult to find on the internet because it’s lightweight, it will make it easy on your CPU, which does not require a lot of disk space. Moreover, by accessing its vast collection of presets, it lets you start your work immediately. The Patches Store presets are wonderful and helpful for you to go.

Camel Crusher VST Plugin Free Download Guide

Follow the following steps to install your DAW preferred Camel Crusher Free VST plugin:

  • Step 1. Camel Crusher Plugin is first downloaded.
  • Step 2. A plugin in a zip file should be provided.
  • Step 3. You’ll see the two.exe and.dmg setup files to extract the zip Plugin in a folder.
  • Step 4. Open and install the configuration file.                                                                                     
  • Step 5. Install the plugin in this path-for Windows and Mac’ Bibliothek / Audio / Plug-ins / VST3′:’ \Program Files\VST3.’
  • Step 6. Open your DAW and refresh plug-ins to do so

How to USE Camel Crusher

  • You must install it on your system in order to begin working with Camel Crusher, which is an easy task after following the instructions. Camel Crusher v0.10 is likely to be installed.
  • Moreover, the interface is split into five areas, with the option to pre-patch patch next to the randomizing button in the top part.
  • The remaining four sections are the distortion, filter, compressor and master underneath the first section.
  • All of the modules have a crucial role to play, and they contribute to the development of music together.
  • The distortion module contains two buttons that can be analogue or mechanical for different distortions.
  • These two knobs are called the mech and tube where the first one produces analogue distortion while the later one adds mechanical distortion. The res knob increases the frequency at that point whereas the cutting knob aims to remove completely the high frequent frequencies. The rest knob is used to remove two knobs that are cut off and res.
  • Once again, two controllers in a button and a knob are present on the compressor module. The quantity knob here sets the pressure and the phat mode button has compression effects.
  • At last, the master button is also a volume and mixture of two buttons. On the one hand, the volume affects your audio output.
  • The mix button allows the user to determine the number of effects on the other side. In addition, with a randomizing button, you can turn these modules off and on.


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