The Best Spring Reverb Plugin Software – Top 5 Picks

Reverb is audio engineering which enacts on any kind of dull sound signals and makes it felt the presence with an impression. It is named so because it can recreate the effect of the sound wave by bouncing it off the surface during the playing of it. This is a natural phenomenon and happens in every environment. During sound or music recording, however, the amount reverb needs to be increasingly felt present, in case it is not felt there.

When the sound engineering was not evolved to procure digital or analogue signal, reverberation was created by playing the sound in a reverberant place where echo could be heard easily. It was recorded in such an atmosphere. The usual choice was a large hall with high ceiling and wooden wall and floor. But now the situation has differed, and the signal processing has come a long way.


The studios are now smaller and finding a larger space just to create the reverberation is not an easy and economic suggestion. Signal processing technology has come up with the easiest solution. Smaller studios can now afford to produce just perfect sound mixes with the help of artificial reverb for music production.

When you are seeking the kind of “sporting” feeling for your track or looking for an all-rounder option which will handle the softness of drum beats as well as guitar or Krautrock, a reverb plugin can come handy.

Spring reverb

Earlier there was plate reverbs, and then came the spring reverbs. Metal springs are used to create spring reverb. The vibration of the metal spring is used to create reverb using the audio single which is directed towards a mechanism. This results in forming a metallic sound. This sound is different than the natural reverb sounds. This reverberant sound is sometimes jarred and thus is accurate for rock-n-roll music.

How can you choose a reverb plug-in

The music created in studios must contain the realism effect in them. Thus while choosing a plug-in for reverberation the sound producer always keeps the realism effect as a priority. An individual reverb can produce the sonic quality of a particular kind of sound. But always it is not preferable as during the music recording the more uncanny sounds are sometimes required to match with the complex modulation of the sound. Thus both spring and plate reverbs are used to create the necessary effect in the music recording.

Which ones are the Best

  • Audiority XenoVerb

Audiority XenoVerb is a super cool reverb plug-in which is able to produce multiple effects. This one has been able to compile the classic and modern algorithm to create the best quality reverberation. The interface is very simple yet clean. The ranges of reverb it can produce are vast, and definitely, it should be in your possession if you are thinking of creating a professional sound mix.

The algorithms are all well thought and planned, and the detail is shown in every aspect of this spring reverb plug-in. The overall design is clutter-free, and you can safely use this reverb plug-in for different kinds of music orientation. This plug-in can be moulded and comprised of any kind of music. Its acoustic spaces are well-merged with Xenoverb, so you can create much more unique thing other than the regular spring verb emulation.

Features of this plug-in

  • There are eight controls, each of which controls one algorithm.
  • It comes with an active bypass switch.
  • It has a unique freeze feature to create loops.
  • The ten reverb algorithms, namely Room, Hall, Plate 1 and 2, Springy, Glass, Flow, Shimmer, Bode, and Format are the power of this spring reverb.
  • The wet signals can be attenuated by Limiter Control.
  • It has a knob value meter with which the precise tuning of tones and pre-delay times can be controlled.
  • This plug-in has a vintage display which is LED. There you can see the drop-down algorithm menu.

Xenoverb has become popular for its flexibility, this is so flexible that any kind of music can be benefitted using this. Also, its high-quality algorithm is something not usually present in all the reverbs. If some ubiquitous features can be added with it, it will be the most versatile plug-in in the market. This one is reasonably priced as well, which is another reason for the amazement of the users. most music producers swear by it and simply love its qualities.

However, the absence of width knob in Xenoverb can be counted as a con. With a product this great, a simple addition of this knob can make it outstanding. It is already tremendously popular among the musicians, and the width knob would make it even more flexible. With its simplicity and a marvellous lot of features, it will win more accolades in future.

  • Softube Spring Reverb

This was produced to keep the vintage use and charm in mind, probably that is the reason that it is quite authentic in features and look. You can get all kind of vintage spring reverb through this plug-in. this is a gritty kind of reverb plug-in and is quite contrasting in style if you match it with the polished studio-quality reverbs. As a matter of fact, you will get a whole lot of studio styled reverbs in the market, but Softube has its own place.

This is a powerful package of gritty and intense reverbs and it does not celebrate anything else more than that. The listener of classic tracks surely will be able to notice its presence as this one provides that particular old-time charm to the songs.

This spring reverb has a shake control which is used to control the “clang” sound that comes out of a rock guitarist’s over-enthusiastic fingers.

Feature of this Plug-in

  • It requires much less space than other spring reverb in your CPU.
  • There is quite a few adjustable numbers of spring pairs which will help the musicians to control it.
  • The Shake control lessens the harsh musical sound.
  • There is a unique feature to control the bass and treble which is the tube driver stimulation.
  • Spring character and reverb length can be controlled with Tension control option.

People with the passion for music loved Softube as well we the pros. With this vintage-looking plug-in, music can be played with as a hobby as well as professionally pursued. Famous producers and engineers like Adele, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and U2 have used this plug-in to produce their kind of music. This spring reverb can also be pitted out against the most favourite AKG BX20 spring reverb, and the users will not be dissatisfied.

This one is quite simple and effective reverb which accomplishes in bringing the vintage charm as well as handles the modern musical productions. Some say that the approximation is exaggerated but mostly votes for it.

  • PSP Audioware Springbox

PSP audio ware has developed this functional plug-in and this one is quite a helpful emulation of hardware spring reverb device. The aim of developing it was capturing the best features of all other spring reverb plug-in, especially transient signal was one of such criteria. One more specific feature of this plug-in is repeated control which is used to accentuate only musical resonance, and a separate presence control is there as well.

Two to six springs can be acquired from this reverb plug-in. the stereo spread and pan control offer the users flexibility to insert the application and send it while doing.

Features of this plug-in

  • As mentioned above, two to six springs can be configured with this spring reverb.
  • Stereo spread as well as Pan Balance can be made suitable, so this reverb can be used versatile ways.
  • There is a two-channel setup, to be precise these are A and B.
  • There are two sorts of presets available, for Factory and for User.

As per the users, this spring reverb plug-in comprises of the precise parameter as well as the classic character of a plug-in. producers of different genres are using it widely nowadays.  Though quite simplistic in style, this has surprisingly become popular among hip-hop producers. This is not a mere reverb for guitar, but other musical instruments can be controlled or accentuated with this plug-in efficiently.

This plug-in can be used to configure with effective stereo-routing as it will provide versatile spread as well as diffusion control. Drum and guitar, both these different types of music can be effectively handled with this plugin, but each spring cannot be custom-tailored with this plug-in’s A and B options.

  • SpringAge Overloud

Overloud has come up with this new-generation reverberation plug-in named SpringAge, and its algorithmic technology is super suitable to the musical productions of modern times. The familiar spring reverb simulation with convolution is not used in this one. Signal processing approaches are used in SpringAge, so you get the best features of authentic spring reverb devices. There is a three spring model of this plug-in.

Each model represents the iconic reverb unit of the recording history. All the popular equipment like guitar, vocals, keyboard and synthesizer can be equally equipped and moulded with this plug-in for its gelling ability. Its effectiveness and versatility are its primary features that appeal the music lovers as well as reputed producers.

Feature of this Plug-in

  • This plug-in has combined algorithmic and IR reverb.
  • This one has three reverb emulations- AQT (this is classic spring, suitable for guitar and vocals), S201 (used with keyboard, synthesizers and lead instruments), Angel (this one is channel reverb applications).
  • This plug-in has boingy control.
  • It also helps the users to see the work properly with the brightness control.
  • Tension control is here so the music can reverberate aptly.
  • Flexible EQ is a rare option among plug-ins but SpringAge comes with that.
  • The tube preamp of this plug-in can be overdriven.

Spring reverb emulation has come a long way with SpingAge, thus it has generated a band of loyal followers for decent reasons. Softubes spring reverb can be compared with it, but it has a better feature like versatility and detailed parameter control. The overdriving of preamp also manifests its uniqueness and richness of ability, thus it has been used by leading vocalist and bands. The realistic touch in spring reverbs has gained points for it. The added benefit is control over driving, and this works for it as well.

However, the limitation of sound rang may prove to be a fault with this one. The boingy and tension control cannot be pushed to the extreme, but those faults can be sorted by the developers anytime soon. Nevertheless, this plug-in provides you with the best features and surely is not a letdown.

  • PSP Audioware Nexcellence

PSP Audioware already has produced Springbox and this is their second try with the spring reverb. Their earlier production has got them to rave reviews, and this one definitely aroused interest among people. Nexcellence originates its name due to the inspiration from necklace-type spring reverb, and this mechanism was seen in the Hammond Organs of the 1960s. this one comes with a whole new set of features like extended parameter control, Opto-limiter circuit and two-spring processor engines. This is best suited to modern applications but also can be paired with classical projects.

Feature of this Plug-in

  • Spring reverb characteristics can be precisely controlled by parameters.
  • To cut the signal of the reverb, the feed switch is there, which will allow leaving the wet signal on.
  • This plug-in has two-set processors (can be used either singularly or together)
  • Input gain knob is there for boosting or overdriving the input signal.
  • There is a built-in opto-limiter circuit.
  • Up to 250 milliseconds of pre-delay can be arranged.
  • The input width control is there to pull down the side gain.

Nexellence has derived the praise mostly for its ability to bring forth the features of plate, room and reverb simultaneously. This is an almost all-rounder spring reverb which comes with typical spring reverb emulation and at the same time can add depth and warmth to electrical guitar and drum beats. Some users declare that Nexcellence is clear and higher in excellence than Springbox.

Nexcellence has its two-sided benefits. The spring reverb in set 1 provides a brighter and warmer, sustaining fervour, while set 2 offers a more dark and deep moderation like vintage music. This is one of the most rich and intense spring reverb which works well with both home acoustic and electronic tracks. This one comes with a high price tag though and lacks the bypass switch for the feed.


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