Best Orchestral VST Plugins

If you’re looking for the best orchestral VST then here are the Best 12 Best Orchestral VST, so take a look at the best orchestral VSTs on the market today. As there are many options available and that can be quite difficult to choose which is universally the best orchestral VST. If you keep reading the article, then you will see the Best 12 Orchestral VST to make the decision simpler.

Orchestral VST Plugins

Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra

Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra is the first in the list of the Best 12 Orchestral VST as it is the best orchestral VSTs available in the market. It comes along with a large audio capacity (55 GB) worth of samples, data, and loops.

Also, features Miroslav Vitous’ breathtaking recordings of sounds and music performances by the Czech Philharmonik Orchestra at the famous Dvorak Symphony Hall. It has an excellent collection of legendary recordings that gives quality samples enabling to reproduce world-class orchestral sounds in your music.

It has an excellent collection of legendary recordings that gives quality samples enabling to reproduce world-class orchestral sounds in your music.

Garritan Instant Orchestra

Garritan Instant Orchestra is the best value for the price you’re paying for as the pack is from Garritan. It comes at an incredibly low price that will fit most budgets. Among the music enthusiasts, Garritan Instant Orchestra is well known and boasts an authentic sample library.

It designed with an extensive choice of instruments like strings, bass-octave tones, strings overlays, and big hits. Also, comes with additional sounds including ethereal textures, wild overlays, mega-hits, chaotic whirls, and spooky wind textures, super-lush strings, slivery choirs, light glassy, harps, low-octave rumblings, glissandi, bombastic brass sections, and chord clusters.

Native Instruments Komplete 11

If you want to make a one-time investment then, Native Instruments’ Complete 11 is arguably the best orchestral VST pack with tons of orchestral instruments. It comes with a huge storage capacity which is about 155GB houses more than 13000 different sounds.

Moreover, inside of Native Instruments Komplete 11, you will see 45 products pack which includes software like UNA Corda, Strummed Acoustic, Reactor 6, Replika and much more.

Ivory II

If you’re looking for ultimate piano VST for your orchestral production then, Ivory II will be the best as it provides high fidelity piano sounds. Also, features 18 high-velocity levels (for each piano), sensational string resonance, a pedal noise feature, timbre shifting, a lid position, a half pedaling function, a set of tuning tables & synth layers, and 49GB memory full of memorable samples.

For sure, Ivory II will transform your music and ensures authenticity in your final product.

Vienna Symphonic Library

 Vienna Symphonic Library will be a good choice if you want flexibility in terms of your sample library’s authenticity. Its pure samples without additives which will customize your instruments to your heart’s content. Mostly, orchestral VSTs adopt a modern sound, but Vienna Symphonic Library maintains a classic approach to orchestral instrument reproduction that makes a staple in the music industry.

However, the software of this instrument is entirely modernized with a sample library capacity of about 40GB and fully loaded with meticulously selected classical samples. Finally, Vienna Symphonic features algorithmic programming which enables real note transition that produces unique melodies.

Heavyocity Gravity

Heavyocity Gravity is the unique orchestral plugin for music production which is the ambient-centric virtual instrument for epic orchestral scoring. Thus, it is one of the best application is film-scoring but, most EDM and electronic music producers used before to take their productions to the next level.

It has an excellent collection of orchestral samples for percussions, pads, and sound effects. When it comes in scoring, is certainly the most exciting Heavyocity Gravity as the interface is easy to use and the sounds are great.

Garritan Personal Orchestra 5

Garritan Personal is one of the trusted names out there that have around for a while. It is lightweight plugins for a professional sounding orchestra library that weighs in at under 12 GB. Personal Orchestra 5 fit for modern film scoring and music production like the name suggests. Besides Personal Orchestra 5 has all the instruments that you need for your projects.

A brass section comes with the trumpets, trombones, French horns and tubas that can play in ensemble or solo mode. Also, you will be getting keyboards like a celesta, two concert grands, two baby grands, pipe organs, and much more. And every string instrument will play either in ensemble or solo mode, and a choice of pitch and unpitched percussion instruments.

The library of Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 has a sample from real orchestra instruments performed by professional orchestra musicians. The software is simple to use, and there are no super advanced controls but the only thing you will find within a plugin like controlling articulation and some basic effects. It runs on Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.8 and higher and dual-core processor and at least 4 GB of RAM.

SONiVOX Film Score Companion

If you want a premium sounding orchestral plugin package for cheap then, SONiVOX Film Score Companion will be ideal for you. The package has an excellent collection from the piles of various plugins, each dedicated to strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and a Steinway 9 foot grand. If you are scraping by then, you can purchase each of those plugins separately for under 60 dollars each.

But if you dig into your savings then get them all together in the package for 160 dollars then, you’ll save almost half the price. SONiVOX is well-known for making good plugins that are high quality where you don’t have to break your savings.

Also, each of the plugins featured in the pack sample real orchestral instruments and keyswitch can control so that users can program whatever articulations according to their need. The interface of SONiVOX will give the ability of typical ADSR controls, as well as dedicated filters, effects, tune, and transpose controls.

SONiVOX features Intelligent Rhythm Control you will get the sound of a real Steinway 9 footer in your DAW with the Eighty-Eight Ensemble 2. Moreover, the plugin is lightweight out there in terms of processing power, so for running the plugin, you need Windows 7 (SP1) or OS X Version 10.8 or higher.

8Dio Productions Majestica

Majestica is the best choice for composers, film scorers, and music producers that like their orchestras big, loud, and dynamic. It features a staggering array of orchestral instruments which includes strings, brasses, woodwinds, and percussion.

It comes with a hundred string instruments and provides 60 brass, 60 woodwind, and 20 percussion groups. 8Dio Productions Majestica features a variety of useful articulations like legato, bends, rips, arcs, shorts, and more.

Most of the library consists of powerful and assertive sounds, but string library provides contrast with its variety of soft and expressive textures. Usually, the size and range of Majestica are charming that draw the most attention.

Thus, 8Dio Productions Majestica designed for maximum sonic impact, so most of the users appreciated the library’s ability to produce delicate and subtle nuances.

Best Service The Orchestra, by Sonuscore

Best Service The Orchestra is the Kontakt orchestral library which aims to bring all the pomp and grandeur of a full orchestra into your DAW. It also offers a comprehensive range of individual instruments and articulations. Best Service The Orchestra has a wide variety of tonal colors, textures, and rhythmic phrases that produce in quick succession, and subsequently assembled into a full arrangement.

Unlike the other libraries, the Best Service the Orchestra allows full control over articulations and orchestrations and eliminates the need to rely on prerecorded phrases. Furthermore, Orchestra is the biggest orchestral library, around and when it comes to idea generation, the Ensemble Engine gives The Orchestra an edge.

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra

If you’re looking for a professional level orchestral plugin then, EastWest Hollywood Orchestra will be ideal for you which is sound of Hollywood orchestra that lives right inside of your DAW. EastWest Hollywood extensively uses in many professional grade productions from classical to contemporary, film and game.

It consists of all the standard instruments in an orchestra, and the brass section has trumpets, trombones, cimbasso, tuba, French Horns, and low brass.

The plugins allow selecting woodwinds, like flutes, clarinets, and double reeds, plus percussions like cymbals, drums, metals, and woods. Moreover, all the sample recorded at the renowned Studio 1 studio at EastWest Studio, with high-quality sounds with multiple articulations to choose from which include pizzicato, ricochet, marcato, spiccato, and others.

ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials

In the list of the Best 12 Orchestral VST, ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials is the most highly rated orchestral plugin libraries in the market. You will get a collection of strings, brass, and woodwind ensembles, with a selection of classical and world percussion instruments.

It is recorded and multi-sampled in a real concert hall, performed by a professional orchestra, and the sample has a great selection of controllable articulations like expressive legatos. Also, you will be getting stunning special effects, like drones and hits, and other sounds designed specifically for cinematic and game music.

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