The 6 Best Freeware Mastering Tools in 2019

Mixing and mastering are the two basic elements of skilled record making. Therefore, when you create an album you intend to distribute, an excellent mixing and mastering job is essential. One or both can be used. If you just record a demo, you might be prepared to leave without learning it, but it depends on what you want your demos to accomplish. The better it is and the more plausible it is, the greater the likelihood that it will assist you in reaching your aim, so you may want to spend both time and cash.

Mixing relates to the method of combining various sound layers to create a finished record or alter a current record musically.

Basically, when you blend a tune you tinker with everything you recorded. You’re going to do stuff such as drop effects, faders, and EQ your tracks. Consider mixing as assembling a puzzle. You are mixing the elements of what you’ve registered, getting sure that everything stays together, and then you will incorporate final touches. Some experts do not agree with each other on the intricacies of this. Try and catch the red flags, that is often the first sign that you have created a bad mix.


We appear to be overshadowed by selection when it gets to audio treatment and mastering in our software-driven music manufacturing. Our selected DAW, of course, comes with a lot of plugins that add polish and value to your blend for half a decent work. But if you would like to move stuff to the next phase? What types of plugins and plugin libraries should you look for in order to make your completed manufacturing more lively?

The mastering is the last polish that you use when your material is combined with a ready-to-release. This is traditionally performed separately by another engineer who gives your song a fresh set of seasoned ears. In preparing for the target application, the mastering process would try to get the finest general noise, frequency range and concentration from your content. Usually, this is performed using costly, often vintage hardware by combining compression and restricting, EQ and saturation.

However, everything relies on what kind of sound you try to make. It can be costly to use mastering houses and mastering engineers, however, if you work at that level, it’s worth it. The other users who do it for themselves can offer you compelling and competent outcomes in these plug-ins and software libraries.

Youlean Loudness Meter 2 by Youlean

  • Monitoring is one of the key elements of correct mixing and mastering. Audible as well as visible. Here’s where Youlean’s Loudness Meter 2 arrives. This is a four metering mode (LUFS, LRA, DR and real top) complemented computer.
  • It is a visual tool that everyone can use to determine the right volume level for each and every producer and mixing engineer on a budget, without compromising the audio quality and dynamic range of the track.
  • It has a more resizable GUI with decreased utilization of the CPU and is more stable than the predecessor compared to V1.

Bitter Sweet v3 by Flux

  • FLUX is a renowned enterprise with excellent quality plugins which many practitioners of the recording industry respect. Bitter Sweet is their sound sweetening freeware tool. This is essentially a sound and temporary shaper plugin that can create your personal songs from harsh to super soft.
  • The UI is easy to use, uses a big button to control the quantity of required effect.
  • You get very soft transients and a silky tonal personality on your nice hand and you get a lot more acute tonal texture and more violent transients while rolling over on the bitter side. A must have percussive and melodic equipment for everyone.

Stereo Buss by Minimal System Group

  • This is just a plugin for Windows, but it’s very unique. Oh yes, we all understand that you have many other compressor plugins for free “masters,” and they certainly all provide this type of finished contact and glue to your mixes, but MSI Stereo Buss does more sincerely and persuasively than most.
  • It is actually the best one out there at this time for what it does and the reality that you receive it for free is just another icing on the cake.

SPAN by Voxengo

  • Voxengo is well known and strongly commended among freeware VST customers. Each of us needs a simple, good spectrum analyzer and you can not match Voxengo again in all sincerity. It is our favorite overall spectrum and beats many paid-for analyzers.
  • The ballistics and reaction of its chart can be controlled which allow it to be versatile enough for a wide range of projects.
  • You can even travel several paths to SPAN and match frequencies information. The YOU LEAN Loudness Meter 2 is a big compliment. In their compilation, everyone requires to have Voxengo SPAN.


  • This is not a formal compilation, but largely our selection helped by the incredibly skilled Brainworx individuals for multiple freeware plugins.
  • bx solo is an efficient work instrument for M / S since its bx control V2 displays the iconic M / S technique.
  • bx subfilter is a content processor subharmonic. It forms your sub material basically and gives more pizzazz with the body and punch to your signal. If you are in EDM or in trailer music production, it is highly recommended.
  • Hello / Lo-Pass screen with sophisticated Brainworx technologies is an incredibly strong bx clean sweep.

Wider by Polyverse Music

  • Even because we have an only strong appreciation for it, we re-visit Wider for this collection. A very easy VST plug-in to enlarge your stereo screen, allowing the stereo length of the image to be broadened without creating phasing problems when performed in mono.
  • You can’t simplify it because Wider only has one power parameter, and that’s it. The slider has an impact on the amount of stereo harvesting, but beware when you push it too far because it can end up making your track look as though it doesn’t exist with everyone else in your mix.


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