Autotune Program|Beginner’s Guide to Auto-Tuning

If you’re a beginner and looking for the Autotuner Program Beginner’s guide to Auto-Tuning then, this guide is just for you, so keep reading the guide. I hope you guys know that some of the well-known names in music are using an effect which is commonly known as Auto-Tune. Basically, Auto-Tune is used for correcting the pitch of a singer’s voice.

However, when you use it subtly, it will be effective for making a good singer sound even better. But, if you overuse it then, it will create problems. So here is a guide for you to learn how to start and begin Auto-Tuning in Logic Pro X. let’s see now in brief about Auto-Tune.


So what is the Auto-Tune?

Auto-Tune is software which is created by Antares whereas Pitch Correction is is electronic effects audio software to change the intonation of an audio signal. By doing so,  the pitch will be noted from the equally tempered system without affecting other aspects of the sound. Usually, Transformation is used for increasing or decreasing the pitch of a recording. So now you have got an idea about it.

Who Uses Auto-Tune?

Mostly, the music industry uses Auto-Tune to make their sound more robotic and cool. Whereas a girl artist will use the Auto-Tune at a very low level so that they can correct the slightest mistakes, and make good vocals sound great.

How To Use Logic’s Pitch Correction Tool?

To make your vocals sound good more in-tune and on-key you need to use Logic’s built-in Pitch Correction tool. So have a look at the following step to use this tool.

  • You have to record or import the vocal track first that you want to correct into your project and trim it to length.
  • On the left-hand side, you have to enable a new Audio FX which is name as Pitch Correction that will be within the Pitch category.
  • Now, you will see a blue display that consists of a small keyboard, some buttons, and some sliders. First, you should set the scale clicking individual notes to enable and disable them.
  • Otherwise, you can merely choose the Root and Scale from the drop-down lists as well.
  • Now, you have to select depending on the vocal track which is Normal or Low. Generally, most male vocals are considered as Low whereas female vocals are considered as Normal.
  • After that, you can play the track and think, so now probably you will see a slight improvement in the pitch of the vocalist. But to make the vocals sound even better, alter the Response and Detune sliders.
  • Remember that lower the Response Time more noticeable the effect will be. So you should try and strike a balance between an in-tune vocal sound, and a robotic vocal sound.
  • If the vocal track is consistently above or below the center point, by using the Correction Amount bar as a guide, you can change the Detune slider to accommodate.
  • Most of the advanced users want to add waypoints on the tracks to increase or decrease these factors in the song. All in All, you will get a nice and in-tune vocal sound.

How To Correct Pitch With Flex Pitch?

Flex Pitch is one of the flexible and useful tools for correcting the pitch of a vocal track that is one note at a time. Even it allows users to drag and drop each note into the place where they would like to. So before we begin working with Flex Pitch, you need to disable the Pitch Correction tool.

You can click the power icon next to the item in the Audio FX list or click the up-down arrows next to the item then select No Plug-in. When it’s done, you can follow the steps down below.

  • First, you have to click on the Show Flex button on the top left corner of the main editing area.
  • On the drop-down list of modes, you have to select Flex Pitch then wait for a few seconds until it gets installed.
  • Now, you will see some additional blue sections, so add to your vocal track by doing so, it will indicate that Flex Pitch is in use and how much work it’s doing for each note.
  • After that, you can click on the Scissors icon and open the Track Editor then take a look at the keyboard as well as the notes placed by default.
  • Now, you can merely drag the notes up and down so that it will make them more in-tune.
  • So now, you have pitched your vocal track correctly using Flex Pitch.

In Conclusion

Often time’s people get confused with the term Auto-Tune as it is software, made by Antares. Antares Auto-Tune is used by well-known professionals in the music industry to enhance vocals with much more control.


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