Akai MPK249 Full Review

If you thinking to buy Akai MPK249 keyboard, then you should read this page till the end. I will give a full review of Akai MPK249 and guide you why you should buy this keyboard. Akai company has been producing many types of musical instrument for a few decades. This company is exporting its musical products throughout the world.

Akai MPK249 keyboard is one of its flagship keyboard available in the international market. Akai MPK249 has plenty of fantastic features and specifications that may blow your mind. Customers of Akai MPK249 are also happy with its performance and give a high rating to the keyboard. It seems that Akai MPK249 is an affordable and value for money keyboard.

But without evaluating its specifications and other features, we would not come to any conclusion. So, let’s discuss Akai MPK249.

Akai MPK249

Akai MPK249 Complete In-Depth Review

Before buying Akai MPK249 we will go into some details of its features. It becomes vital to have full knowledge of the product that you are planning to buy. We will discuss its looks and design, sound, warranty, affordability etc. By analysing all of these points of Akai MPK249 we can decide whether this keyboard meets your keyboard playing needs or not?. After that, you can take the decision to buy it.

Looks & Design

At first instant, Akai MPK249 keyboard looks so complex and professional. Because of the button functionality available at the front of the keyboard, it seems full of features. Akai MPK249 is slimmer in size and weight as compared to previous Akai MPK series keyboards.

Company has also refined its design and tried to make it more attractive. Lcd backlight on the screen also glorifies its pretty look. It also has backlit on its upfront buttons which makes it look more alluring.
Akai MPK249 is giving all the necessary aspects that should be included in an idle keyboard.

It has a dimension of 29″ x 12.25″ x 3.38″ (WxDxH) which so reliable. Lesser weight of this Akai MPK249 keyboard makes it portable and easy to handle. Akai MPK249 has a lightweight of 12.6 lbs which so light as compared to other keyboards in this section.


Everybody wants a decent and natural sound tone in their keyboard. A natural sound is must-have sound quality, should be available in every keyboard. Akai MPK249 uses its inbuilt sound quality enhancer software to produce quality sound output. Akai MPK249 produces more sound than other keyboards of the same configuration.

It also has synthesizers in it which will help to give a better experience while listening to music. Apart from that, it gives surround sound quality while playing the piano without any external speaker. Its inbuilt speakers are also so powerful that you do not need to connect it with other speakers if you are at home.
You can amazingly modify the output of the sound that this keyboard produces. In other ordinary keyboards, when we try to modify the sound of the keyboard according to our need, we get robotic sound. But because of it’s refined and first-class music inbuilt software it always produces natural sound.

As far as the sound of Akai MPK249 keyboard is concerned, it is the best sound-producing keyboard in this category.

MIDI controller

The MIDI controller of Akai MPK249 allows you to edit your music into a huge level. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) of this keyboard is tremendously awesome. This keyboard gives you the liberty to edit, synchronise, playback your music to the next level. It has enough midi connection port so as to connect it with external required instruments. It provides a variety of knobs, keys and slider at the front of the keyboard.

Whenever you use it’s MIDI you will feel like you are a studio editing music master because of its amazing editing features. The users have full access to modify, edit, reform and reshape your music. You can even reform your pre-made music via the USB controller.

You can get the idea of its amazing MIDI controller feature by simply looking at the available buttons, keys and slider in this keyboard. The drum pad of the keyboard also has an inbuilt backlit which look glorious when lighting.

Production Software

Akai MPK249 production software is widely used the software in the top class keyboards. This MPK249 keyboard is bristle with high-end software like Ableton Live Lite and MPC Essentials which allows the user to create the next level of music. Ableton Live Lite is an audio/MIDI interface which give musician and producers the access to simultaneously compose, remix, record, edit, fade and reform the music.

This is an interesting feature through which you will feel like a super professional musician.
On the other hand MPC Essentials, a sample triggering and beat production software can be directly united with any DAW like Ableton Live Lite, or run standalone. I am pretty sure that after seeing such awesome features of Akai MPK249 you are badly want to buy this legendary keyboard.

Feature of its production software does not end here. Akai MPK249 also providing 8 pad banks with 4 samples and insert effect.

Live Performance Compatibility

If you do live performance or want to use your keyboard in a live perfomance then I would highly suggest you buy this keyboard. This would give an ecstatic experience in live performance. Because of its inbuilt sound-producing software, it allows you to edit your music in real-time.

It becomes crucial to use the various function of the keyboard in real-time when you do live performance. It also has 6 GB memory so that you can save your pre-edited music for the purpose of live performance.
The fun did not stop here, you have plenty of option to use your keyboard as other playing instruments like guitar, sitar, flute etc. It means you also use your keyboard in the form of guitar and other instruments. A lot pre-installed basic and intermediate music tones are also available to give your performance a new edge.

Warranty & Services

Warranty and services part is also a part of the consideration when buying a keyboard. In this section, we will discuss Akai MPK249 warranty aspects. Company is using different and separate warranty policy in different regions. In some countries, Akai MPK249 has a warranty of 2 years. Countries like India and Nepal, this product has a warranty period of 1 year. So, you need to figure it out yourself the warranty period of your product according to your region.

In spite of having variation in warranty policy, the company is providing a decent warranty cover. Company is taking care of its customer in all way. The company also has online customer support through which you can easily resolve your problems.

Apart from that, you can also download the necessary guidelines, brochures, media and MPK249 – Bitwig Scripts v1.0.8 from their official website. It gives an extra advantage to the users. Akai MPK249 users do not go to the retailer every time they need some guidance about the product. They can effortlessly go to the company website and download the material from there.

Value for Money

It is also crucial to get the maximum return on your investment in any product. Here, I will am going to discuss whether Akai MPK249 is a value for money product or not? According to its user reviews from the past several years, this product is a total value for money product.

You need to understand that the features that are included in this keyboard are of your use or not? only after that, you can decide its worth. Because it has tons of features in it but if they are not usable for you then it’s not worth your money.

Let’s talk about its worthiness on basic things. It has all the features that are prevailing in this decade nowadays. This keyboard allows you to edit, modify and reform your music in all possible way. We have already discussed its features, specifications, looks and design. So, Akai MPK249 is fulfilling all the desired needs of a keyboard user.

If the product is fulfilling more than basic requirement of its work under the economic price we can say that Akai MPK249 is a decent deal. I have checked its price in many regions and found that its price is quite lesser than another keyboard of the same configuration. The thing to consider here is that you are owning a brand’s keyboard as well. Now, it’s up to you how you can decide its worthiness for you.


We have seen all the features of Akai MPK249 thus we can say that the company has given a lot of attention while making this keyboard. Look and appearance of the keyboard is charming as well. It seems that this Akai MPK249 keyboard has all features that must exist in a genuine and high-end level keyboards. As far as its price is concerned, it does not cut your pocket.

It has a very economic price if we analyse its price through its features and specification. Apart from that, you have the trust of one of the famous brand in the musical instrument industry i.e. Akai.


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