5 Best DeEsser Plugins for 2019

Do you want the Best DeEsser Plugin Software to eliminate the harsh “ess” or “shh” sounds in the audio world then, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I have listed the best de-esser plugin software on the market today. Before jumping to the list lets see what is De-Esser and features in brief.

Best De-Esser Plugins

What is De-Esser?

De-Esser is kind of vocal compressors that eliminate/reduce the harsh “ess” or “shh” sounds known in the audio world as sibilance. Usually, unwanted element in recorded audio, sibilance is heard in vocal tracks and sibilance falls within the 4Khz to a 10Khz range of frequencies.

Thus, the effect can be unpleasant and distracting at moderate levels. So De-essers reduce the volume level of sibilance by compressing its specific frequency range. Now let’s see what features a buyer should look in a Good De-Esser Plugin!

Features Should You Look for in a Good De-Esser Plugin

The most important features to have in a de-esser are a threshold and release controls, where threshold sets the level at which the sibilance will reduce. And Release controls determine when the compressor will cease to affect the signal.

So when it comes in choosing a De-Esser, one should see a plug-in that is quick and easy to set up with enough control for precision tweaking. So these are things which you need to remember when you Choose a De-Esser.

Best DeEsser Plugin

FabFilter Pro-DS

FabFilter Pro-DS is well-known for its world-class set of plug-ins which offers precise control and informative visual displays. It provides a wide range of features and capabilities which is all wrapped up in a modern visually-attractive package. It comes with the features of intelligent detection algorithm, linear-phase processing, 15-millisecond look-ahead option, stereo linking with mid or side options, and much more.

It is the best for a beginner as the precise degree of control combines intelligent sibilance detection which makes the best de-esser plugin software. Furthermore, FabFilter Pro-DS standout extraordinarily user interface which is efficient and informative and visually impressive as well.

Features of FabFilter Pro-DS

  • It has the two detection settings those are Single Vocal and Allround.
  • FabFilter Pro-DS has a real-time display and real-time spectrum analyzer
  • It has an adjustable threshold, range, and detection, filtering settings.
  • It is program-dependent compression.
  • It comes with a wide band or linear-phase split band processing, optional look-ahead up to 15 milliseconds, and adjustable stereo linking.
  • FabFilter Pro-DS is a high-quality 64-bit internal processing and GPU-powered graphics acceleration.

Oxford SuprEsser

If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive solution then, Oxford SuprEsser is arguably the best to get rid of offending frequencies in vocal tracks and all other types of the source audio. It is an extreme focus frequency-conscious compressor which can identify and eliminate harsh sibilance to a precise degree.

Oxford SuprEsser has the ability to operate between 20Hz and 20 KHz which makes capable of handling tasks other than rudimentary de-essing. Moreover, the SuprEsser is versatile with a lower price tag that can be used in a wide variety of applications like taming the frequencies of non-vocal tracks.

Features Of Oxford SuprEsser

  • It has a linear phase dynamic EQ and automatic level tracking.
  • Oxford SuprEsser comes along with transparent and accurate frequency control and wet/dry control for quick parallel processing.
  • It has a full audio spectrum operation 20Hz – 20 KHz


If you’re bored with the typical de-esser and looking for something more than vocals then, McDSP DE555 is the best new generation of de-essing technology. It uses an algorithm intelligent signal analysis which can take a source of audio to any level without adjusting the input threshold manually.

You will get controls for adjusting ratio and release. It has a high-frequency mode that enables to reduce sibilance while leaving the rest of the audio untouched. So McDSP DE555 is affordable which effectively gets rid of excessive sibilance in vocal tracks and a good choice to add to your suite of mixing plug-ins.

Features Of McDSP DE555

  • It has advanced de-essing technology and real-time metering.
  • McDSP DE555 comes with the key filter focus and de-essing controls and key filter response plot.
  • It has a high frequency only option and ultra-low latency.
  • McDSP DE555 has a double precision processing as well.

Waves Renaissance DeEsser

Waves Renaissance DeEsser is used in professional studios for over a decade. It is a simple, straightforward but remarkably effective solution to get rid of harsh sibilance. It is specifically for male and female voices that gives a good starting point for more intensive tweaking. Nowadays Waves Renaissance DeEsser is getting plenty of use and best for recording, mixing, live sound, and broadcast.

Features Of Waves Renaissance DeEsser

  • It comes with the adaptive threshold control and adjustable gain reduction control.
  • It has audio and side-chain monitoring and phase-compensated crossover.
  • Waves Renaissance DeEsser frequency-dependent dynamics
  • It has double precision bit resolution processing.
  • Waves Renaissance DeEsser designed for recording, mixing, live sound, and broadcast.

Waves DeEsser

If you’re looking for the basic de-essing requirements then, Waves DeEsser has all the features and capabilities that you are searching for. Similar to the Renaissance de-esser, it is simple and straightforward that gets rid of sibilance without thrashing your vocal take. It is also effective on splashy high-hats and cymbals that gently reduce unwanted frequencies from the problematic audio sources.

Features Of Waves DeEsser

  • It has sharp side-chain filters and selectable wide-band and split compression modes.
  • Waves DeEsser comes with 24-bit/192kHz resolution and mono and stereo components.
  • It has audio or sidechain monitoring.

Final thoughts

There is nothing better than the FabFilter Pro-DS as it is an all-around winner that combines features and functionality, sound quality, precise parameter control, and detailed user interface. Also, the Oxford SuprEsser and the McDSP DE555 are both pretty solid performers and impressive plug-in.

Even the Waves DeEsser and Waves Renaissance DeEsser is impressive that does a good job for ridding your audio of nasty sibilance. l hope now you can choose the best deesser plug-ins for yourself, so thanks for reading it!


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