10 Best Guitar Tuners 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

A guitar tuner is a device that helps tune the pitch of the strings on your guitar. The pitch of the note is basically compared to a pitch already stored as a reference and you know whether it was high, low or perfectly tuned. However, it is quite complex to get the actual technical process.

For example, a vibratory sensor and a microphone are available in a clip tuner that detects vibrations from the strings. This type of tuner is wired to receive the vibrations on the headstock. They also remove any background noise that empowers the results to be very accurate. Professionals who have been playing the guitar for years can do without a tuner. It is difficult and time-consuming, however, so that many can not or do not want to do it.

Fortunately, processors and sensors have made it easy and fast. The way the tuning is done and the accuracy of it can vary depending on the category.


How is a tuner chosen? If you select the right tuner, your guitar will be perfectly tuned to your liking. It isn’t actually taught when you learn guitar playing which makes it a  bit difficult to buy the right tuner. This is not a rocket science, though, and you just need to know the different types and terms available. Study the various types and choose the type that suits you best. You could go for a pedal tuner and put it into your daisy chain, if you have a lot of pedals. The clip-on is a solid choice if you are moving a lot and are looking for a convenient tuner.

You must also be careful about precision and display. The smaller cents of the precise measurement means that the tuner is really accurate. Ideally the display should be sufficiently large to be readable and brightness suitable to the light in the room in which you are. These can easily go easily unnoticed, but this will simplify tuning for you later on. The one you should look for is what is highly accurate and lasts for a long period of time. Although a very affordable tuner is easily found online, it is advisable to invest in a quality tuner. This is because the tuner is used all too often  and can have a big effect on your sound.

The majority of non-compact clip-on tuners are battery powered. The majority of non-compact clip-on tuners are  battery powered. And you’re supposed to know the battery life. Some of them also have rechargeable batteries, that are quite convenient. This is especially relevant for tuner clips because pedal tuners don’t have a battery. You can attach them to the power supply of the pedal.

Tuners are very cheap nowadays and the highest quality tuner is available at less than $50. The most affordable Clip-on tuners are while pedals may be more expensive. However, the price ensures extremely easy use for pedals. If you’ve got the bucks, then pedal can make your music safer. But polyphonics are the most expensive of these. They can price hundreds of dollars, particularly if the brand name is known as Korg.

There are a number of brands known for their chromatic tuners. Experienced guitarists prefer only reliable and flexible guitarists. Snark, KLIQ, Korg, and Mugig are among those brands. Especially in Asia, many other companies produce a decent quality of them. You can not find an affordable but high-quality tuner from these manufacturers, if you have no personal preference.

Types of Tuners

Handheld tuners: In the late 70s after the release of the Korg W10, these were very popular. These handheld tuners were precise, easy and popular with guitarists instantly. This almost became the standard for electric and acoustic guitars. They are also very common today because of their small size and portability. The only downside is that handheld ones in noisy locations are not very effective.

Clip on Tuners:

The most frequently used tuners as well as the most effective and most convenient. Clip-on tuners These are small units with LED / LCD screen and clip. The vibration sensor and microphone attaches the clip to the headstock to record the sound. Even with background noises they are great and produce very precise results.

Pedal tuners:

Pedals are also used not only for tuning effects. The main advantage of pedals is that you can easily adjust your instrument on stage without plugging it into a separate channel. Pedals are without additional functionality and are designed solely for tuning, so it is good for situations in which instant tunings are necessary.

Polyphonic tuners:

They are mainly pedal tuners but allow all six strings (and thus the name of polytons), to be tuned in one piece. These are quite new and also have a higher price, but they become popular quickly. TC Electronic Polytune was the first polyphonic tuner and has proven to be quite efficient. The Polytune is ideal for professionals with complex styles of playing. Polytune was indeed a big hit, but TC electronic got something bigger this year -Polytune 2 is. It has all the original Polytune features as well as several other modern features. If you are professional guitarists and you have complex stage requirements, then you cannot do without polyphonic tuners.

App Tuners:

It’s the 21st century and this means that you have smartphone apps, which apart from actual tuners, discussed above, can do pretty much anything. Such technology may not be as good as hardware, however intelligent it may seem. This is fun and easy, but in quality and accuracy, they do not allow for much.

Chromatic Tuners:

You’ll read the word chromatic a lot when you’re looking for tuners. Let us begin with a non-chromatic one that can only be tuned with standard EADGBE tuning. This means that each string is tuned and tells you how sharp or flat it is on the appropriate note. Chromatic tuners, however, are a little different from the nearest semi-note.

In more simple words, chromatic tuners can be used with other musical instruments and other tuning guitars. If you are just going to be tuning a guitar then a non-chromatic tuner, is ideal for you. But with a chromatic tuner you get a great deal more flexibility.

Best Guitar Tuners of 2019

Snark SN-2 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Snark Instrument Clip Chromatic

This tuner is great for virtually everything, including the advanced, precise and comfortable electric guitars. The clip-on tuner sticks firmly to the instrument, including the stand. This isn’t your simple run of the mill tuner. It has a metronome for the tap tempo, transposition and sound calibration. The quality of the vibration sensor and the built-in microphone is extremely effective.

The full color display adds to its convenience and makes it easy to set up your electronic guitar or other tools. It is suitable for electric acoustic guitars, The frequency range is quite wide since it is made for several types of musical instruments. And the best part is that it can be rotated to a full 360 °. 

KLIQ UberTuner – Clip-On Tuner for All Instruments

KLIQ UberTuner Clip Instruments Chromatic

UberTuner is a cool tuner with your Korg, Boss or other instruments, including violin and electric ukulele. It uses the Piezo vibratory sensor to produce the highest accuracy of sound results. It’s also easy to understand since you can view the display with vibrant colours from a variety of angles. There are 3 adjustment points that should allow you to adjust the screen to a large extent.

This one is particularly high quality, given that even in a noisy space it works well. It only detects your instrument’s vibration and discards additional noises. This makes it much more reliable for professional musicians who are  always performing. The range of sound calibrations for most instruments is 430-450 Hz. You can easily fit it to the front or back of the headstock of your guitar. The life of the battery is also great as you buy it once and can use it without worrying about power eradication.

Snark SN1 Electric Guitar Tuner

Snark SN1 Blue

The Snark SN1 is designed to work seamlessly (acoustically or electronically) with any type of guitar. Like the SN2, it can be clipped on without any problems on your electronic guitar. When not in use, it is easy to carry and store in your pouch. The range is specifically adapted for bass guitars and electronic guitars. It has the metronome of tap tempo and the feature of transposing. You can then make adjustments with the capo.

The clip-on is very powerful and is also good for stage performances where you could be mobile. It shows you the pitches with bright colors and tells the  difference between low and high. It can also be turned in a complete circle of 360 degrees to make it easy to tune the device. 

Mugig Clip-on Guitar Tuner

Mugig Chromatic Ukulele Colorful Display

This Mugig tool is for all types of tuners and consists of 5 different modes: guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele. For all those musical instruments, it is great and you can easily switch between modes. This compact item turns 360 degrees very light. This compact item turns 360 degrees and is very light. It is a product that stays with you wherever you go and provides your acoustic or other guitars with the perfect tuning.

The highlight is that it’s Auto power off function makes it use power smartly. If in five minutes it is not played it will automatically switch off. What’s cool? You won’t need to worry about turning it off. Its definitely a small tuner with large aspirations, and every guitarist must have a perfect fit like it. It is a product that stays with you wherever you go and provides your acoustic or other guitars with the perfect tuning.

Snark SN-8 Super Tight All Instrument Tuner

Snark Super Tight Instrument

Snark SN 8 is another product for any instrument including bass and acoustic guitars. It has an extra tight tuning which you will want to have. It is easy to read and understand the bright display. It is also 360 degrees rotating, which makes it much easier to use. Like other SN series from Snark, this one has Tap Tempo metronome. It clamps closely into your guitar’s headstock or other string instruments. The grip is strong enough to be able to move around freely. If you compare it too costly pedal tuners, it’s definitely great.

Snark SN-5 Tuner


If you have a bass guitar, it is the tuner you need, because it’s also tailored to electric violins and bass frequencies. This is very easy to use and understand, like the other SN series. It is easy to tune the guitar as you wish with the colourful display. The rotating screen is approximately 360 degrees. The powerful clip is easily attached to one side of the headstock. SN 5 is a very basic product which works well. Clearly, it’s much cheaper than pedal tuners. If you play this too, you will work with guitars and violins. The device is easy to make the best of your bass or guitar.

D’Addario Clip On Electric Tuners

DAddario NS Micro Clip-On

Look no further if you are looking for something strong and long-lasting, as you have just stumbled across the perfect product. It’s great for newbies and guitar experts who always want to play. This one, too, turns into a full 360 °, making it easy to use. The capo can also be used. It is clean with a three colourful LCD design that makes it very easy to read. The manual is also included, making things easier. This is the greatest thing for you if you’re a beginner because you can tune accurately and find it relatively easy to use.

So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner

So There Rechargeable Stringed Instruments

It has an affordable battery with a USB cable supplied with the tuner. This battery is easy to charge with. On a full charge, you get a full 5-hour operation that’s good enough to play gigs every week for the busiest guitarists, all day long. It has a double rotation of 360 degrees so you can fix it anyway. It’s precise and rapid with respect to the tuning. The manufacturer ensures this and customer reviews will confirm this. The screen is a very light and easy read, so your guitar is perfectly tuned regardless of where you are and how the lights are. With many other musical tools, you can not only use the guitar.

Real Tuner – Chromatic Clip-on Tuner

Real Tuner-Clip-Instruments Transposition

This stylish design of tuners is made for those who want everything they can get in one product. It has a bright display and rotates to 360 degrees. Its vibrations sensor is very sensitive and precise which is why it does a good tuning job. With three years of guarantee from the maker, you are good to play for three years. If anything goes wrong you can always replace it but in most likelihood, nothing will go wrong.

All the buttons are present on the screen and the battery lasts long too. The tuning range is quite wide from E0 (41.20 Hz) to B7 (3951 Hz). There is a manual to include to help rookies understand how it works and how to use it to improve their tuning skills.

Nordic Essentials Guitar Tuner

Nordic Essentials Guitar

The Nordic Essentials is an essential choice for those looking for pretty simple equipment that is very accurate! You can easily position the screen to the position you can see with 360-degree multi-dimensional rotation. You can easily position the screen to the position you can see with 360-degree multi-dimensional rotation. It also comes with silicone pads to protect your instrument. This can be a great addition to your acoustic-electric guitar, violin, ukulele and any other instrument, it is an unbelievably light and highly portable tuner.

You can easily put it in your gig bag because it’s too small and somewhat small. Although it is so simple, it costs a little more than many others like it, because it’s tuning is precise. If you just want to tune your guitar, go for it now.

Top Pick

For its accuracy and its usefulness the SN-2 Snark would be our first choice for the best guitar tuner. This tuner is extremely simple to use because the screen shows vibrant colors that can be used to tune the guitar. You can rotate the tuner to 360 degrees, making it comfortable either at the studio or on the stage in the world. This tuner works well with Korg instruments in particular. It can be also used with many other musical tools, strings. It’s our top choice.

So here ends our article of best guitar tuners. We hope that after reading it you can make an informed decision as to which tuner works best for you.


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